Subj:    Val's story
Date:    97-03-20 23:36:59 EST
Marcia's Birthday Surprise

A Present For Marcia
by Valerie J. Gilson

*knock knock*

A soft knocking on the door roused Marcia from her near doze in the overstuffed easy chair. She had relaxed there after being treated to a scrumptious birthday dinner by several friends. The red sweater and black slacks that had complemented both her figure and her hair were gone, replaced my a more comfortable attire of blue jeans and a sweatshirt.

While at dinner, one of her friends had commented on what a wonderful night it was. Marcia had agreed wholeheartedly, thinking lustfully upon another wonderful Knight.

*knock knock*

Opening the door revealed a tall blonde handsome man, with one arm tucked behind his back. Marcia managed to keep her voice neutral as she greeted the blue-eyed stranger. "I am here to help you celebrate your birthday. May I come in?"

Marcia wondered which of her friends conspired behind her back to get this most gorgeous vampire to come to personally wish her a happy birthday. Nick managed to keep his back turned from Marcia while she closed the door. Leading the way into the living room, she once again noticed how broad his shoulders were, and his overwhelming sexiness assaulted her as she brushed past him.

"Marcia." He gave her name a loving caress, almost a deep purr. He presented the blood-red roses to her with a flourish to do any gentlemanly courtier proud. Marcia looked boldly into his face, astonished and then pleases to find golden eyes shining out at her. His voice dropped further to a sexier growl. "My vampiric state pleases you?"

Marcia was leaning against the couch in an effort to not fall to the floor; his growling purr left her knees unable to support her tall frame. She whispered "yes" as he moved closer to the birthday girl.

He smiled at her answer, revealing fully descended fangs. One of her eyebrows quirked in reaction to a silent thought, too naughty to be repeated here.

Before she realized it, all capacity for thought vanished into thin air. Nicholas de Brabant, vampire for close to 800 years was kissing her...thoroughly. His hand traveled into her long auburn hair. His other hand traveled to her waist to pull her in closer to him. Marcia's arms wrapped themselves around Nick and pulled him closer to her. Her breathing quickened, and so did her heartbeat. Her body molded next to his.

Something happened. Marcia wasn't sure what, except that Nick was there with his arms around her. She had her arms around him. Ah, yes. Nick had stopped kissing her. That didn't make her breathing any easier. Something was on top of her head. Marcia was still befuddled from that wonderful kiss.

A deep voice sounded from somewhere close, and it was speaking her name. "Marcia?"


"Marcia." That purr was back. "Are you all right?"

She gathered the courage to look back up into his face. Blue eyes looked into golden eyes. His hand caressed her face again. Tracing the jawline, running through her hair. Soft lips kissed her forehead. "Your heart is racing."

"It's all your fault," she countered. She risked a smile.

"I like having that effect on beautiful women." Without giving her a chance to correct him, he kissed her again.

She was braver in this kiss. Marcia decided to push the envelope a little. Razor sharp fangs cut her tongue as she explored his mouth. A moan escaped from Nick as he tasted her blood. He cut the kiss short, breathing heavily.

They weren't in the living room any longer, Marcia noted. In fact they were in her bedroom. And Nick was now nuzzling at her neck. Her hands were in his hair, mussing it further. A moan escaped her lips now.

Nick looked up at her. "I hope you don't mind the move. I thought you would be more comfortable here." He grinned at her lying on the bed. Nick rolled to one side, on hand still playing in her hair. His eyes were now blue, but as he spoke, Marcia could see that his fangs were still displayed. "Do you have any candles?"

Marcia pointed out where they were located in her room, and soon the place was lit by candlelight. Marcia propped herself up on her arms and watched the way this 13th century vampire moved about her bedroom.

Nick joined Marcia on the bed, and quickly kissed her. "You smell
wonderful." He went to kiss her on the neck. His lips lingered there longer than necessary. "I like candlelight much better than the lightbulbs. It's more romantic, don't you think?"

Marcia couldn't think. The nearness of Nick, his cologne, his voice that purred so close to her ear. What normal woman COULD think when so near to being seduced. Her heart skipped a beat at that thought. Seduced by Nicholas de Brabant, what a birthday present. She would have to find out who sent him. Oh his lips. They claimed hers again. And again. Mouth met mouth, tongue met fang, fang cut tongue.

His mouth left hers and settled on her neck. Right near the jugular. Her heartbeat pounded through her body. If she could hear it, Nick should be deafened by it. Was that a fang pressed against her skin? She didn't know, she couldn't tell.

"Marcia." Was that his voice? "Marcia." Stronger now, more insistent. She opened her eyes to stare into golden eyes. Her hand lifted to caress his face, trace his lips. "I can bring you across, into my world. It is my birthday present to you, if you want it."

"Eternity?" Marcia whispered the word. "With you?"

"yes" His answer was whispered also. "Do you want it?"

She kissed him fiercely. "yes. Bring me across."

It was the answer Nick wanted. First passionately kissing Marcia, he then moved to her neck. She moaned, the pleasure outweighing the anticipation of his fangs pressing into her skin. She shivered slightly, and then realized that she had lost her sweatshirt somewhere along the way. His kisses, frantic now, covered her neck, her shoulder, her collarbone. Nick was growling now. Marcia found the sound even sexier then his purr.

His head pulled back from her neck in readiness for his strike. Marcia looked at Nick. This was a vampire, in his element. Golden eye, fangs dropped, growling deep in his throat. Nick saw her eyes open, accepting of what would happen. "Relax, it will be pleasurable. I promise." His head dropped to her neck even as her hand nestled into his silky hair. Fangs pierced her skin, but didn't hurt. In fact, it was quite....erotic. As he drank of her memories, she experienced some of his. Faces passed by; fashions too.

Marcia was feeling lightheaded, both from the blood loss and the memories. Strong hands were stroking her hands, her face, her neck. Marcia opened her eyes to look at Nicholas. His eyes were blue now, but full of fun. "Did you enjoy it?" he asked.

Marcia could only nod. Her movements were slow and languid as she moved her hands to clasp his. Her eyes burned. Her teeth also hurt. "How do you feel?"

"I feel hungry." Marcia tried to lick her lips. Her voice sounded funny to her ears, and there were two protuberances in her mouth. She realized that she was coming across; she was becoming a vampire. She smiled, showing Nick her fangs. He returned the smile, and also showed his fangs.

"Then drink." He replied, and offered her his neck. Marcia bit into his neck, unerringly finding his jugular. His blood tasted sweet, and reminded her of the outdoors. She barely felt it when his fangs slid again into her neck. Drinking again and again from each other, all secrets were shared. Marcia could not have held back anything. Nor did she want to. Nick was right, this was pleasurable.

Some time later, Marcia opened her eyes to see her master leaning over her. He kissed her passionately. "Good morning. Or rather, good evening. Did you enjoy your birthday?" Nick inquired of his fledgling.

Marcia's answer was a golden-eyed, fang-bared smile just before kissing him, thoroughly.