Subj:    Izzy's birthday present - part 1
Date:    97-03-18 10:20:24 EST
From:    Roandshan
To:    Knightwave

This is fanfiction based on characters created by J. Parriott and B. Cohen for the TV series Forever Knight and no copyright infringement is intended.
Izzy's 'Knight on the Town'
by Ro Hart
part 1/6

The woman hopped off the bus from the airport, and hoisted her backpack higher on her shoulder. This was the place! It had been a long trip from home to Toronto, but when she'd received the cryptic fax, she knew at once she had to come.

"Girl, you sure have some crazy ideas sometime, but this time!" The parting words of a co-worker came back to her, reminding her how outlandish this last-moment trip had others. But to those who knew her, especially her Darkest friends, this trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she had no intention of missing.

Pulling the crumpled fax from her pocket, she scanned the words:

"My Dearest One -
I have a surprise for you in honor of your birthday. Since reading some of your posts, I couldn't help but want to thank you in person for your truly flattering, if imaginative, descriptions of me. Enclosed you'll find a plane ticket to Toronto. When you arrive, please take an airport bus to the corner of Younge & Queen. I'll take care of the rest. Yours for a night -
N. deBrabant

"Well, this is where he said I should go," she to herself. "Now what?"

Almost as if on-cue, a black limousine pulled up in front of her. The front passenger-side door opened and a tall man came out. He wore a blue suit and a cap. He opened the back passenger door open for her, bowing slightly. "If you would enter, please? Monsieur deBrabant said to give this to you," he handed her a rather large package wrapped in brown paper and an envelope. "I will take you to him shortly."

She didn't say anything, but tossed her backpack onto the floor, took the package and envelope from him and got in. It was very roomy. And empty. She buckled in and heard the doors shut. Then, as the limo started to move, a screen in front of her lit up. A TV and VCR in here! And a mini-bar, filled with several interesting liquids and snacks. She picked one of each and watched as the TV displayed an image of Toronto under night skies. A soft classical piano piece drifted over the speakers, and then she heard Nick's voice.

"Welcome to Toronto. Thank you for coming on such short notice. In the package you'll find some familiar posts for you to peruse while my car drives you to your hotel. In the envelope is your reservations, room key and directions. When you get to your room, it will be stocked with everything you need, and when you're ready, just come up to the restaurant at the top of the south tower and I'll be there to meet you. Happy Birthday!"

Then the screen went blank, but the soft music continued. "He's probably playing it," she mused as she tore open the large package. Inside was file folder after file folder of print-outs. All from the Dark Knightie loop. All from her, to the group, about Nick! "Oh, my god!" she swore under her breath as she started reading them...
Izzy's 'Knight on the Town'
part 2/6

The limo sped to the hotel before she could read very many of the folders. But what she did read made her squirm with a mixture of self-consciousness and arousal. "Did Nick read all of these?!" she wondered. "Did he like them?"

She pulled out the crumpled note that he'd faxed her two days before, reading it again. Well, it began with the words: "My Dearest One" - that was a good start! And the rest of the note seemed to contain no hints of displeasure or anger. "Since reading some of your posts, I couldn't help but want to thank you in person for your truly flattering, if imaginative, descriptions of me."

She felt her cheeks - they were very warm (as was the rest of her!). She reached for the air-conditioning vent and opened it, pointing it at her face until she felt cooler. Taking a slow sip of the drink she'd appropriated from the fridge, she got herself under control. "All I have to do is meet him at the hotel restaurant. Maybe have some dinner. And then..." Yippee!! She was grinning from ear to ear, contemplating the wonderful potentials for the evening. All alone with Nick!
Everything went just as Nick had said it would. She got to the hotel, her backpack was whisked up to her room. Room? It was a huge suite! The view from the 20th floor South Tower was magnificent. The window faced west toward the sunset. She gazed out, watching the sky turn from amber to pale white, salmon-pink, and the deeper blue of night, sprinkled with stars.

With a sigh, she turned away from the view. She had to start getting ready. Then she noticed that Nick had left another note for her, on the table. It read:

"I hope you find your accommodations satisfactory." (was he kidding!? The place was so elegant!) "You'll find an assortment of clothing & shoes, accessories and ...whatever else you might need in the armoire. I'll see you shortly in the restaurant."

In the armoire she found some slacks, silk shirts, blazers, and many beautiful dresses, some short and some long, in all colors ranging from black, midnight blue, emerald green through all the warmer shades, burgundy, berry, carmine, candy-apple red, and pale rose. All were in her size. Shoes to match - high heels, ballerina flats, delicate sandals, and some leather boots that made her drool. She also found an assortment of underthings, all silk and lace. Then she found the jewelry! There was rings, pins and bracelets with gemstones set in gold or silver in every color to match the clothing that hung before her. She felt overwhelmed with the choices. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine what the evening would bring, and how she'd most like to be arrayed. Or, rather, dis-arrayed, if all her wishes came true!! "Stop that!" she said to herself. "Don't get too far ahead, girl! Anticipation is half the fun!"

She headed for the bath. There was a bathtub, a shower area and a large jacuzzi. She stripped and started the water in the shower. God! Tonight was going to be soooo good! She noticed her reflection in the mirror. Her skin was flushed and her nipples were hard. She was grinning like a maniac. Happily, she got into the shower. She turned the water into a needle-point spray, and shivered at the stimulation. Humming a happy tune, she laviciously imagined what they could do later in that jacuzzi! What a great birthday this had turned out to be! And the best was yet to come! ...
Izzy's 'Knight on the Town'
part 3/6
By Roberta Hart

Feeling refreshed and excited, Nick's guest went to pick out a suitable outfit for her night out with Mr. de Brabant.

She examined the dresses on their hangers. The sensuous feel of warm velvet and cool silk, not to mention the daring cut and style of some of them tempted her. But, no. She had serious plans for this evening. One plan, in particular, involved her and Nick doing some rather aerodynamically-incorrect-acrobatics. She wasn't going to freeze her tuckus (and other body parts) flying around Toronto in a mini-skirt!

While trying on some suitably naughty underwear, she picked out a pair of soft leather pants, a beautiful silk shirt, a vest, and some boots - all in colors to match. After getting dressed, she did her hair and applied a minimum amount of makeup, smiling. She wanted Nick to taste her, not her cosmetics! She tried on one bracelet of exquisite make, the jewels catching the light. The jewelry selection, she noted, did not include necklaces! She grinned to herself at that. Well, she didn't want anything to get in Nick's way, either!

As an afterthought, she picked out one stick-pin, in gold. "I might need this! You never know!" she said out loud, then laughed. Slipping on the boots, she went out the door and headed for the elevators.
Izzy's 'Knight on the Town'
part 4/6
By Roberta Hart

The restaurant was elegant in silver, crystal and linens. Low lighting and gauze curtains framing the windows added a romantic touch. It was also completely empty. She supposed there were some waiters about, but they all kept discreetly out of sight.

She saw Nick walking toward her. Her heart jumped as she saw him. His eyes were bluer than she'd imagined, his golden hair catching the light. He wore a simple white collarless shirt, black slacks and jacket. He held out his hand to greet her. She took it. He bent and lightly kissed her fingers, then, the palm of her hand, smiling up at her after he did so. It took her breath away, that smile. It held unspoken promises. His lips were cool on her skin. She shivered, and his smile turned a bit predatory at that.

"Welcome, and Happy Birthday," he said. His voice was soft, but she drank in the sound of it.

"Thank you," she replied.

He guided her to their table, near the terrace. The doors were shut to the outside. He seated her and reached for a bottle in an ice-bucket. "Would you like some wine?" he asked her.

She nodded, and he poured. It was a pale pink blush wine, and she nervously sipped it before speaking again. "This is delicious, Nick. Thank you." He smiled warmly and she continued. "I mean, this is all so wonderful! The plane trip, the limo, the beautiful room, the clothes, the jewelry, the restaurant...everything!" She realized she was babbling, but she couldn't help herself. She didn't really want to talk, or eat. She just wanted to sit there and lose herself in the azure depths of his eyes. Wrap herself in the warm velvet of his voice. The touch of his cool skin... Blushing, she realized that he could probably read her thoughts - the expressions marching across her face as she spoke! Recovering, she sipped a little more wine and took a deep breath to relax.

The wine was cool and delicious. It softened the edges of her nerves, and she smiled back at Nick. (There was really nothing to be nervous about), she thought to herself. (I'm just about to have the most exciting, sensual, erotically fulfilling encounter of my life!)

Nick picked up his own wine glass and sipped. It gave her a warm thrill to realize what was in that glass. Would it take the edge off his Hunger? Would he find her blood as sweet and satisfying?

A waiter appeared with a tray on a cart. When he took the lid off, all sorts of marvelous smells wafted toward her. She felt suddenly ravenous. She nodded at the waiter to begin serving her, picking a little of this and that from the dinner selections. When her plate was full, he placed it before her. Then, he pushed the lid shut on the cart and glided it silently away.

"I hope you don't mind, but..." she began as she placed her napkin in her lap.

Nick smiled, "Of course not! Enjoy yourself. After all, that's what tonight is all about."

At that, she grinned at him and began eating. The food was excellent! She'd finished more than two-thirds of her meal before Nick spoke again.

"I hope you don't mind that I ordered in advance, " said Nick. "But, we have a lot to do this evening and I know you don't want to waste any time." There was a sly smile on his face as he said this, as if he also anticipated her other desires.

She was glad she didn't have a full mouthful of wine when he said that or she'd have done a spit-take! As it was, she nearly choked on a laugh. When she swallowed, she managed to say, "Uh... excuse me! Thank you! You're right!"

"I'm glad you came here," he said. "I wanted to tell you in person how flattered I am by your...posts on the DK-loop. You Dark-Ones seem to have a better grasp on my true nature than your ... Lighter Siblings." He wore a mischievous smile as he said it. She matched it.

"I'm happy you liked my writing, Nick," she replied, wiping her mouth. (God, I hope I'm not grinning like the Cheshire Cat!) she thought to herself. Pushing her plate aside, she asked boldly, "What in particular caught your eye?"

Now it was his turn to squirm! "Uh...well, I um...I liked the one you wrote on 12/18/96." He closed his eyes for a moment, his perfect memory recalling her words. "Let's wrote:

<<Hey, can Nick help it if he's a passionate kinda guy? <g> Just look at the evidence: <<he's passionate about his angst (but we're working on that, right), he's passionate <<about his police work, he's passionate about his lovers (mortal and immortal), so it <<only makes sense that at one point in time he was passionate about being a <<vampire." >>

Nick opened his eyes, and showing no mercy, he went on: "It continues:

<<Personally, I can't fault the guy for just being very good at everything he does <<(hmmm... everything?... oh yes, "everything"). I only have one more thing to say now - do you think Nick could be that passionate about me? <beg> Izzy >>"

By now, Nick's dinner companion had gulped down all of her wine and was reaching for a refill. Her face was flushed and her eyes were sparkling.

Nick was smiling at her ! (he wore that sensuous smile she'd seen him show in "Fatal Mistake" when he first met Alexandra - and thought about what he'd do to her later that night.) Silently, her libido screamed at her: (He's sooo sexy!) She was entirely aroused now, and she was certain he could tell.
Izzy's 'Knight on the Town' " - part 5/?
part 5/6
By Roberta Hart

Nick drained his glass and then reached his hand across the table, palm up. She laid her hand in his. "As you've already noted," he whispered, "I am...very...passionate about things I care about." Nick's gaze grew more intense. "Tonight, I care only about you." He kissed her hand again, and when he looked up at her again, his eyes took on a feral look, with the slightest hint of gold. "I want to make this night perfect for you, in every way." Another kiss, on her wrist this time. She felt the graze of his fangs! A shiver of pleasure shot through her. Next, he gently licked her skin where the small veins were just below her palm. With a small gasp, she felt a warm gush deep inside her body. Involuntarily, she gripped his wrist with her hand, pulling him toward her. Slowly, they stood. Her eyes were still trapped by his gaze, their hands gripped together. He led her from their table, never letting go. They moved toward the terrace doors. Her heartbeat now pounded in her ears. His gaze was deep and almost hypnotic, but she still felt in total control of herself, of her own will. "What is it you want from me?" he asked. His voice was deep with arousal.

"Just you," she murmured, locked in his gaze. "All of you."

He pushed open the doors and they were outside on the terrace. The doors shut behind them as he took her in his arms. His hands caressed her. He kissed her mouth urgently and she felt his fangs again. When he pulled back, his face held a kind of savage joy. He brushed his lips softly across her face and down her neck. (my god! this is it!) she thought to herself. When she saw his eyes again, they were bright gold.

"Don't be afraid," he said. The other-worldliness of his expression - with the vampire eyes and fangs - it made her weak in the knees. If he hadn't been holding her so closely she'd have fallen. His voice was rough, almost like a cat purring. "I'm much stronger now. The blood...ahhh, the blood in your veins sings to me," he licked her neck and, moving lower, nuzzled her breasts. Slowly he looked up at her again with those eyes!

He continued, "I have my control back. Don't be afraid, my love, I won't kill you." He kissed her hard on the mouth once again, and she felt his fangs on her lips. Eagerly, she responded, running her hands across his back, sliding them against the silk of his shirt. He broke their kiss and whispered with a savage smile, "except in 'le petit-mort'."

She felt him lift her up. He was going to take her flying! She grinned madly at him as they took to the air, her arms wrapped tightly around him.
Izzy's 'Knight on the Town'
part 6/6
By Roberta Hart

As she felt her feet leave the ground, the bottom of her stomach fell out and she felt like she was falling....falling....

With a hard thump she landed on the floor. Her feet were tangled in the bedsheets. She lay there for a minute, catching her breath. Where was she? "Shit!" she swore to herself, angrily. She'd fallen out of the bed! And in the middle of the best dream of her life! She crawled back into bed and tried to compose herself for sleep again. But it was no use. It was daylight and she was awake. Fully awake.

She rolled over and looked at the clock. 10:00 it read. God! How long had she been sleeping?? She picked up her watch. The date it gave made no sense. Suddenly, she was aware of her body - it was aching and sore. She felt as if she'd run a marathon and then wrestled an octopus. She raised her hand to rub her aching neck and her hand froze when her fingers touched two small wounds on her neck. Where had those come from? Quickly, she ran to the bathroom. After a quick examination, she found six more places on her body where there were similar wounds. They were way too large for mosquito bites and too neatly spaced.

She went back to her bedroom, trying to remember the previous night. Glancing at her watch again on the side table, she realized she had no clear recollection beyond two days ago! What the hell was happening?

Besides feeling extremely tired and shaky, and the inexplicable wounds, she was getting angry. First that dream, then this! It was then that she noticed a small box near her window. It was sealed, addressed to her, with no return address. When she opened it, there was some very unusual items inside. First, a CD Rom, then a headset, glasses & gloves rather like those she'd seen Nick wear in "Games Vampires Play." Was this some joke from an FK friend on-line? She looked underneath and at the bottom of the box was a card and one piece of paper. The paper had a modem-hookup phone number and explicit instructions on how to operate the gear. It stipulated that the wearer must be lying down at all times while operating the game. Hmmm, maybe it was one of those "flight simulator" games, so realistic that it might give you vertigo. Then she opened the card. In it was a note, written in beautiful script.

It read, "May all your dreams come true!" and was signed, "N.dB."

Puzzled, she went to her computer. She followed the installation instructions of the game and got the modem to connect to hers. Then she put on the game-gear and, feeling extremely silly, laid down on her bed. As she lay there, she thought about her dream last night. Whew!! What a dream! Suddenly, the images came to her, one after another, flying by so fast she had trouble sorting them out:

Nick's voice on a TV screen, welcoming her to Toronto... Nick's cool hands on her breasts, his lips and tongue on her neck... Nick sitting across from her at a restaurant, looking so sexy, sipping blood from a crystal glass... A beautiful room full of the most gorgeous clothes she'd ever seen -- all for her! Nick's strong arms around her, his fangs grazing her skin, sending shivers down her spine... His smiles, first sweet and inviting, now darker and more dangerous, then feral, lustful... The hotel suite, strewn with their clothes...they wrestled passionately on the bed... The feel of his cool kisses, his hot breath and his fangs as they pierced her skin again and again, not knowing where the pain/pleasure would strike next... His gentle fingers finding all her secret places, stroking first here, then there, softly, then harder, building her passion to its peak... Feeling him enter her, their bodies moving in the ancient rhythm of sex, both of them clawing through the unreleased tension to coition's sweetest release and then... His fangs once again, fastened on her neck, kissing, sucking, drinking her blood out in a steady stream...the fireworks in her brain as they climaxed together, then the floating feeling in her body as he fed on her very life's essence...being filled and fulfilled and emptied and drained all at once... And at last, his sweet voice, over it all, "To protect you from the must look at me. Surrender yourself...surrender your will to me. You will forget what we have had here. You will forget until you play this game, and then, for awhile, you will remember. It must forever remain our secret. You must never share this experience with any other mortal. You will not remember it consciously, except as an erotic dream. This game will play differently for anyone else who plays it, but for you, it will be a record of our one night together, for you to cherish. And if I can, someday, I will come to you again and we will relive this night - in truth. All my love to you, dearest one."
Slowly, she came to. She was lying on her bed, sweaty and exhausted. As she pulled off the game-gear, she smiled. What a present! What a bloody-fantastic game! As quickly as she could, she ran back to the box, to re-read the note. Who had sent it? Hadn't there been a card...? But she found neither card nor return address. Just a small pile of ashes. When she went on her computer to try to locate where her modem had connected to, there was just an indecipherable code and a warning: "Any tampering with the game's software will result in a total wipe of all data." God! She didn't want to lose THIS game!! She carefully placed all the gear and the CDRom in a safe place. Then, she got on-line. Did she have some great fanfic to post to the others!!

End pt.6