Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 19:49:50 -0700 (MST)
Subject: DKL: Old Habits Die Hard (01/02)

My Dearest, Darkest Siblings,

Here is another non-Revel story I had started a long time ago and then lost track of. I finally decided to finish it so I could get my evil little mind on other things. This is mostly for the people who are not on JADFE or KnightXTC (if there are any). Enjoy!

Yours in darkness,

By: Izabela Popowicz (
Copyright (c) 1998

WARNINGS: Explicit sex (M/F) (Nick/Female/Vachon)
Mild Violence

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Nick parked the caddy in front of the dark, seemingly abandoned church, got out and slammed the door behind him. He was still mulling over the case that was pre-occupying him when he started up the staircase to the second floor, where he knew he could find Vachon. As he reached the top of the stairs, he looked out but could see no sign of him.

"Vachon? Vachon, are you there?" Nick called out, listening carefully for an answer.

"Over here," the dark-haired vampire answered.

Nick started across the dark, musty room, then finally, spotted Vachon in the corner, working intently on his bike. "Hey Vachon," Nick stated in greeting.

"Oh, hi Knight," he acknowledged. "What brings you down here?"

"I need some help on a case I'm having trou..." Nick began to say, then suddenly stopped dead. He couldn't believe what he saw. But there it was before his eyes. Or rather, there *she* was. A girl. In his bed. And from what he could tell, quite naked beneath the covers.

She was positively beautiful. She had a mane of long black hair that draped in long waves over her pillow, long silken eyelashes, a small slightly upturned nose and the fullest, softest looking lips he'd ever seen. She was wrapped in a large, sumptuous quilt. At least most of her was wrapped in the quilt. All except her pale, smooth shoulders and one most inviting leg. Nick was utterly captivated. The sight of her skin glowing in the dim candlelight and the intoxicating scent of her essence began to cause his body to react in a deeply disturbing way.

"Vachon!" he exclaimed, suddenly lowering his voice to a loud whisper.


"You've got a girl down here. In your bed!"

"No shit sherlock. Brilliant deduction. Now I can finally see why you're a detective," Vachon responded sarcastically, not even bothering to look back at Nick.

"What is she doing here?" he asked, not noticing or acknowledging the barb.

"Um...," he paused, looking up over at the girl, "resting, I'd say."

"Resting?" Nick considered what she could be resting from and came to the only conclusion he could think of. Vachon must have made love to her. But that was impossible, he told himself. "You mean you...? But she's still alive. In fact, very much so," he said, hearing her heart beat strong and powerfully in his ears.

"Oh but I did," he answered, letting a slow smile creep in. "She was delicious and not to mention, a fantastic lay," he added.

"But how?" Nick asked, incredulously.

Ever heard of sipping, Knight? Come on, I know you have. I even heard you were REAL good at it once," Vachon elaborated, while continuing to work away at his half torn apart bike.

Yes, once, Nick thought. He remembered that time in his past with almost too much clarity and he was despised to admit that much of him missed it. Missed the freedom, absolute freedom, of it. How it felt to indulge in his hunger and lust. To take them when he needed to, when his entire body cried out for it. He remembered how he would take them over and over and over, time and again without killing and when he thought of them, he became insanely jealous of Vachon.

"Yeah, well, that was a long, long time ago. I haven't been able to stop like that for centuries. It's just too difficult for me now." His eyes drifted again to the girl and he watched her wistfully as she slept.

"Bullshit! It's just all that damned cow's blood you've been drinking," Vachon stated emphatically. "Why don't you learn to sip again?" he continued. "I mean, since you have such a problem with killing, this way, you wouldn't have to. And you could still enjoy the fruits of your labour, so to speak." A few seconds passed and he could see Nick thinking about what he was saying, considering it, but still hesitating.

"Come on, I'll help you," Vachon offered, nodding to where the girl lay. "I'll even make sure you don't accidentally kill her."

"No, I can't. I don't trust myself. I wouldn't be able to stop. From the first taste of her blood, she'd be a dead girl," he said, all the while realizing how much he wanted the pale, dark haired beauty. His soulful blue eyes now wandered to her exposed thigh, seemingly of their own accord, then continuing upward, taking in the silouette of her body, they settled on her neck. He fixed upon it, ever more aware of how the tenderness of the flesh there awakened the bloodlust in him.

"You don't have to worry about that, Knight. I said I'd stop you before you killed her," he interrupted Nick and tried to reassure him. "Remember it Knight. Remember how those wenches used to taste, what their blood felt like on your tongue and in your veins..."

With that, Vachon dropped what he was doing, made his way over to the bed and slowly peeled back the quilt that covered the girl. Then, looking back up at Nick he said, "Come on Knight. Look at her."

And he did. He couldn't help but. She was exquisite. Slender, though curvaceous and womanly, her flesh looked incredibly soft and pliable as it called out to be touched and carressed by Nick. Her limbs were long, her belly smooth and slightly rounded and her breasts were lush and full, with the most succulent, pale, pink nipples. Then there was her neck. When he saw the fang marks that had been inflicted upon her just previously by Vachon, he felt the most incredibly powerful need to reopen the wounds with his own fangs. He couldn't deny the urge he felt to penetrate her, take her inside of him and be taken inside of her. To drink of her blood and thus, her soul. Knowing exactly what she was feeling and experiencing while he made love to her. And to also allow her into his soul, to have her know how intoxicating it was for him to feed on her blood.

He wanted to believe in what Vachon was telling him. Could it really be possible for him again? After so many centuries had passed? Was trying worth the risk? A way to live with the beast, even welcome it, without it blackening his soul any further. Did all this lie right within his grasp? Nick asked himself all these questions and more, knowing full well how it would restore his happiness and end his torture if he should succeed. But before he could make his final decision, Vachon began to wake the girl.

"Jocelyn, wake up," he whispered, while lightly shaking her. "There's someone here I'd like you to meet." The young beauty slowly began to stir, responding to Vachon's nudging. As she awoke, realization of where she was dawned on her and caused a most deliciously wicked grin to spread across her face.

"Vachon?" she questioned.

"Yes, that's right Jocelyn, it's me. Come on, it's time to get up. I have a friend who'd like to meet you," he whispered gently to her.

"A friend? You mean, another vampire?" she asked, intrigued.

"Yes, he's a vampire," Vachon nodded in response.

"Mmm, is he as beautiful as you are?" she teased him, running her finger along his jaw, then letting it drop back down to the bed.

"Yes, most women find him very beautiful. Even intoxicatingly so, I'd say."

"Really?" she responded as hope tinged her eyes, making them sparkle.

Vachon took her hand in his and slowly helped her off the bed and led her to Nick, who had been watching with nervous facination. Presenting her to the blonde vampire, he said, "Jocelyn, I'd like you to meet my friend Nick, Nick Knight." Then looking back towards Nick, and noticing the golden sparks of appreciation in his eyes, added, "This is Jocelyn."

"Hello Jocelyn," he greeted her, taking her small, delicate hand in his and kissing it. "It's very nice to meet you."

Jocelyn smiled warmly and invitingly at the gesture. "Hi Nick. So, Vachon tells me you're a vampire?" she questioned with a suggestive lift of her eyebrow.

"Uh... yes, I'm a vampire," Nick responded uncomfortably.

Jocelyn turned back to Vachon and said, "You were right," then turning back to Nick, "he is beautiful."

Nick smiled at the compliment. It had been so many years since a mortal female had shown such obvious appreciation for him with the full knowledge of what he was. It stirred the beast in him and made him want her even more. He reached out to her again, this time carressing her soft, pale cheek with the back of his forefinger. "As are you. So Jocelyn, how long have you and Vachon known each other?"

Oh, about three months now," she offered. "We met at the Raven."

"I see. And you let Vachon make love to you and uh... feed from you?"

"Sure Nick. Ever since the first night we met. I let him do anything he wants, fuck me, bite me, drink my blood," Jocelyn explained, reaching back behind her, finding Vachon's hands and pulling him towards her. She felt him press himself against her as she leaned back into his body and when she ground her ass into his crotch, she felt him begin to harden.

Nick couldn't help but notice this, and immediately he felt his own pants tightening around his organ. His mind suddenly flooded with images of the two of them, fucking furiously and ravenously. Then the sight of Jocelyn writhing in ecstasy as Vachon struck at her throat and fed on her blood. He could smell the sweet heady scent of it and in his mind's eye he could see bright red rivers of it dripping down along the curves of her flesh and between her soft, rounded breasts. He wanted to do the same to her and soon realized that he may not be able to ignore his beast this time.

"Speaking of which, my friend, Knight here, looks very hungry and," looking down at the bulge in Nick's pants, added, "very horny. He hasn't fed at all today, have you?" he finished off, directing the last bit straight at Nick.

"No, as a matter of fact, I haven't," he confirmed. "I was going to as soon as I got home."

Looking a bit concerned, Vachon left Jocelyn and turned back to the table behind him and grabbed a bottle off of it. "Well then, maybe you should have some of this first," he suggested, tossing the bottle to him.

Nick instinctively reached for it, then looked at it and stopped himself. "No, I can't, I couldn't," he said, stuck somewhere between taking it and not taking it and finding himself fighting both extremes.

"Go ahead, drink it. It'll help curb the edge off your hunger. You know you need it. And you *know* it has to be human blood. You've got to get off that cow shit you've been drinking, especially if you want this to work." As he realized that Nick was still hesitating he added, "Trust me Knight. Do it. Drink."

Nick, his eyes locked on Jocelyn, felt the bloodthirst rise again and without thinking, pulled the cork out of the bottle. He watched her face carefully as he brought the sweet red liquid up to his lips and drank. Her eyes widened with lust and fascination as she watched him in return. The blood swam across his tongue and down his throat, burning through him just as he had remembered it doing so in the past. The familiarity of it was startling. The taste of it rich and luscious and once again he knew the peace of giving his body exactly what it desired.

When Nick finished the bottle, he tossed it aside, not seeing it land on the bed amidst the crumpled sheets, and wiped the remainder of the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand. Jocelyn took this as her cue and closed the remaining distance between them. As she drew nearer to him, he tensed, his body becoming rigid and tightly wound, like a spring ready to pop. When she reached her hand up to touch him, he grabbed her swiftly and forcefully by the wrist and stopped her.

Jocelyn looked at Nick with an amused expression. "Don't you want me Nick? Don't you want to take me, make love to me? Drink my... blood?" This last word she spoke slowly and deliberately, as if in an effort to emphasize the impact and meaning of what she was saying to Nick. By the sweetly agonized expression on his face, she knew her words had not fallen on deaf ears.

Nick's eyes closed tightly as he took in a long, deep breathe and allowed the strong, spicy scent of her blood to wash over him. When he opened his eyes again, they were changed and he heard Jocelyn gasp.

"Oh my go..." she began.

"Uh, uh," Vachon warned. "You know better than that."

"I... I'm sorry, he's just so... so... breathtaking!" she stammered. "I've never seen anything so exquisite. He looks so deadly and so angelic. How can that be?

"Just lucky, I guess," Vachon smiled.

Nick reached up and cupped her face in his hands, then bent his head down and very gently kissed her. When he broke away from her, he felt her shiver. The next time he kissed her, he was anything but gentle. He closed his mouth over hers and kissed her so passionately, so thoroughly, he nearly lifted her off the ground. She moaned, then opened her mouth for him and he slipped his tongue inside.

"That's right Knight, give the lady what she wants and take what you need," Vachon encouraged, watching the scene unfold before him. As he saw Nick plunder the woman with his tongue, he reached around behind himself, grabbed another bottle off the table and took to drinking very heavily. He would have loved to join the two of them, but he knew that he could not allow himself to get to the point where he would have to feed from her again. She would need all the blood her body had just to get out of this alive. And it was his job to make sure of this. Of course, he thought, there's nothing stopping him from pleasuring her at the moment. So again he came up behind her, this time with the bottle and pressed it between her buttocks. She squirmed and writhed against it, as Nick kissed her, pressing it even deeper in-between her cheeks. Encouraged by this, Vachon slipped the neck of the bottle further down between her legs and slowly began to insert it into her vagina. He left it there for a moment, then pulled it out and drank from it. She was intoxicating and he knew without a doubt that Nick would be in complete rapture the moment he had his first taste of her blood. Then he placed the bottle back inside her and started to move it in and out of her body, slowly fucking her on it.

As Nick continued to kiss her, he pulled her body in towards him and pressed her tightly against him. Along with the cool smoothness of the bottle Vachon was using on her, she felt the rough tweed of Nick's jacket rub almost painfully against her hard, aching nipples. Then the soft silkiness of his shirt replaced it as his hand slipped down from her chin to the back of her head. Once there, his fingers grasped at her hair and slowly tilted her head backwards, effectively removing his lips from hers but allowing him access to her neck. He kissed her throat tenderly and when he caught the scent of her arousal he couldn't stop his fangs from dropping and lightly scraping along the delicate flesh there.

A long moan escaped from Jocelyn as she cried out, "Oh yes, Nick, please." This only further ignited his bloodlust, for Nick had always had a weak spot for women who wanted him despite of and especially because of what he was and this time it was no different. Now his penis became incredibly stiff and his fangs painfully throbbed with the need for blood. He trailed his lips, tongue and fangs down to her soft, lush breasts and took one of the light pink nipples into his mouth. Slowly and gently he sucked on it, flicking the hard bud with his tongue. This, combined with the slow, easy feel of the blood bottle as it pumped in and out of her, made her hips grind against the bulge in Nick's pants. When he felt her sex crushed tightly against his straining organ, he couldn't help himself and he bit her. She bucked against him and cried out from the pain of the two small puncture wounds, then moaned as she felt his tongue lap at the few drops of blood trickling down her breast.

He nearly orgasmed when he tasted her blood. Vachon was right. She was delicious. He hadn't tasted fresh human blood like this for so long and as the flavour of it exploded in his mouth, he felt the need for more of it rise within him. He sucked deliriously on her but inevitably, the trickle slowed and then stopped. When he pulled away, he looked up to see that Vachon had left them after Jocelyn had orgasmed and was now sitting on the edge of the table, continuing to drink from the bottle in his hand.

"Very good Knight. I think the lady is about ready for you, I'd say. By the way, how does she taste?" he teased him.

"Like pure ecstacy," he hissed through his fangs. "And I'm not finished with her yet." This last comment he directed at Jocelyn, who was trembling in his arms now.

"I'm glad to hear it," he smiled back.

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 19:50:16 -0700 (MST)
Subject: DKL: Old Habits Die Hard (02/02)

Finally finding the ability to speak, she looked at Nick and said, "Vachon's right, I am ready for you. I want you. You have no idea how much the thought of you drinking my blood turns me on." She reached up and pushed his jacket off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. "Or how what you are makes my blood boil. Or maybe you do. Maybe you can taste it," she speculated while unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it down to his waist.

"You would be surprised at what I can taste in your blood, how much of you I can taste," Nick told her.

She looked at him, then ran her hands upon his chest and started to stroke his nipples lightly until she could see them pucker and could feel his cock twitch in the prison of his pants. When she saw how he was enjoying this, she bent her head down and licked at one of the small, extraordinarily sensitive buds. He gasped when he felt her wet tongue sweep across it and ground his hips into her body. While she played and nipped at his flesh, her hands moved downward and undid his pants, letting them fall to the ground. Nick stepped out of them and his shoes and socks as her fingers slid into the waistband of his briefs and slowly brought them down over his tremendously engorged penis. Her mouth then followed her hands, lightly kissing and licking along his sternum, then paused to get down on her knees where her tongue could reach his stomach and trace along the inside of his belly button. Nick groaned and winding his fingers in her hair, pushed her head farther down till it reached the curly patch of golden hair just above his pulsing cock. "Take me in your mouth," he snarled, his voice thick and husky with lust.

"In a second, I want to look at you first," she told him. She moved back a slight bit and then began to scrutinize the lovely sight before her. He was exquisitely beautiful. She noticed that he was uncircumcised and that his foreskin had almost fully retracted, due to the fullness of his erection. His size and girth promised pleasures which she couldn't wait to experience. The long, thickly veined shaft throbbed in her hand and she heard him growl low in his throat when she slowly stroked up and down the length of it. "Vachon, remind me to thank you for this, for introducing me to your friend."

"You bet your sweet fucking ass I will. Both of you are going to owe me for this," he warned, smiling. "Now hurry up before Knight here explodes."

She smiled in response to this last comment, licked her lips and then ran her tongue along the length of his shaft. Nick's knees buckled for a moment, then he steadied himself and settled into enjoying what she was doing to him. "Like that Vachon?" she teased, continuing to lick and suck on the shaft.

"Yeah, just like that Jocelyn. Let me see how crazy you can make him," he chuckled to himself.

With this last bit of encouragement, she began to circle her tongue around the tip of his penis. "Oh yeeessss," Nick moaned and the large organ jerked in her hand. Then, she slid his foreskin back up over his glans and slipped her tongue under the thin sheath of skin causing a number of droplets of pre-cum to ooze out from the head. These droplets she licked up and then started to take the head into her mouth. Nick's hips bucked forward in response, forcing his entire glans in between her lips. She took him eagerly and when she started to suck on him, his hand reached out and grasped onto a wooden chair that was standing beside him and snapped the back of it in two. She heard the loud snap but then all she could hear was the wet, slurping noises of her mouth on him and Nick's own bestial growls. Soon he was thrusting the entire length of his cock in and out of her mouth and nashing his teeth with the incredibly powerful urge to bite. She felt his balls start to tighten and raise up towards his body, signalling the closeness of his orgasm. Suddenly she could feel him trying not to thrust any more and then heard him scream "Stop! Please, stop!" Vachon alsorealized what was happening and quickly came up behind Jocelyn.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and carefully lifted her off the ground and away from Nick. "Jocelyn, please, when he tells you to stop like that, I'd listen, unless, of course, you'd like this all to end right here and now." When he was sure Nick had settled down a bit, he walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed a bottle from the crate on the floor and brought it to him. "Here, drink this or you'll never last, she'll never last." Nick looked at the bottle with red, lust filled eyes, then at Jocelyn and took the bottle, draining it in seconds.

"Thanks," he said to Vachon, his eyes turning back to their previously golden colour. Then he turned back to Jocelyn and said, "Come here." She threw a questioning look at Vachon and when she saw him nod his head, she walked back over to the vampire.

When she reached him, he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her in towards him, her breasts crushed against his chest and his cock rubbing up against her mound, and kissed her without detracting his fangs. Within seconds he had punctured her tongue with one of the sharp tips and began to furiously suck on the blood which poured out. She winced and then moaned as she felt him take her tongue into his mouth and start sucking on it. Now it was her knees that were buckling underneath her as her clit had started to harden and throb. He skimmed his hand over her breasts, pausing to rub at her nipples, then down her smooth, soft belly and between her legs where he found that hard, throbbing clit of hers and began to massage it with his fingers. She came instantly, her body jerking violently against Nick and he tasted the orgasm in her blood.

It inflammed him, the taste of her blood and it's hot richness in his mouth. The vampire had taken hold and was ravenous for what it needed and that was completion. Nick needed to take Jocelyn, completely, to not just taste her blood but to really feed on it, on her, even if for only a moment or two. And so he continued, his mouth leaving hers and making its way down to where his fingers had been. Her skin was hot and salty, flushed from her desire and every now and then Nick couldn't resist the urge to run his fangs through it, taking little nips of her flesh and licking up the few drops of her precious blood that would leak through. She gasped and cried out each time she felt his teeth break through but never made any move towards stopping him.

As each droplet of blood was released by Nick, the air in the room grew thicker and headier with the scent of it. It assulted both Nick and Vachon, who was now drinking at an incredible rate. But he set aside the bottle in his hand and came up behind Jocelyn. He placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and felt her move against them. Then they slid up to her ass and stopped to squeeze and fondle her there. She smelt so good to him that his fangs involuntarily dropped into his mouth and by the time Nick had reached the spot right above her mons, Vachon was kissing her back and feeling the urge to bite as Nick had. He managed though, to stay away from her neck and instead nip at her skin as Nick was doing.

Now Nick had reached her warm, wet pussy and had his hands between her thighs, urging her to open them for him. When she felt Vachon's hands kneed her ass and pull apart her cheeks, she did as Nick wanted and widened her stance enough so that he had full access to her. His fingers slowly opened her, parting her now swollen labia and slipped his tongue inside between them. He heard her groan loudly and soon her moans filled the room as much as the scent of her blood had. She writhed between the two of them and alternated between pressing her sex into Nick's face when she felt his tongue lap at her clit and pull away from him when she felt the slightest touch of his fangs on the delicate flesh.

As he licked at her copious juices, his fingers slipped inside her slick tunnel and began to thrust in and out. Vachon now followed Nick's lead and inserted one of his fingers into her tight asshole and increased the pressure that his fangs exerted on her as he dragged them across her back. Her legs gave out on her and not being able to stand on her own two feet, Nick placed them on his shoulders in order to hold her up. He could feel her muscles tighten around his fingers as he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked, his fangs coming dangerously close to embedding themselves in her soft, tender pussy. It was just at this moment that she came, her body throbbing and her cunt drenching Nick's face and fingers with her fluids.

When Nick came up from between her legs, he snarled and Jocelyn could hear a soft, low growl deep within him as she came out of her euphoric orgasm. He slid her legs off his shoulders and taking her by the hand, led her to the table behind them.

"Vachon, would you be so kind as to bring me another bottle of... blood?" he asked turning back at Jocelyn and smiling sinisterly at her. She shivered again and reached out to touch his cheek, then, placing one of her fingers in his open mouth, she started to lightly run her finger along the tip of one of his fangs. He allowed her to do this for a moment and then grasped her hand and bit into the finger. She gasped as blood oozed out of the cut and he sucked on it greedily, all the time never allowing her eyes to leave his.

"You like them, don't you?" he asked, teasingly, pulling the finger out of his mouth.

"Oh yes! They're... beautiful. Sexy and dangerous, just like you."

"And you'll like them just as much when they're embedded in your neck and draining the life out of you?"

She wimpered softly and closed her eyes, allowing the rush of excitement to wash over her and disipate. Without speaking, she nodded her head, then opened her eyes to see Vachon come over and hand Nick the bottle he asked for.

"Here you go Knight." He stepped away from them and stood on the other side of the table to watch.

"Thank you," Nick replied. "Turn around," he told Jocelyn. She looked at him questioningly but when he motioned again for her to turn her back to him, she did as she was told. "Now spread your legs." She looked at Vachon, who was facing her now, and saw his face light up with a smile as she opened her legs for Nick, leaving herself completely exposed to him. "Very nice," he smiled. Then, bringing the bottle up to his mouth, his took the cork between his teeth, pulled it out and spit it across the floor, where it rolled underneath the bed. He leaned his body in against her, letting her feel his erection between her legs, rubbing it against her hot, wet pussy and placing his mouth right against her ear, whispered, "Bend over."

She hesitated for moment, then felt his hand on her back, gently pushing her down towards the table. It was a stone table, slightly rough and worn. She didn't notice it immediately, but when her body moved along it, the surface of it rubbed against her nipples in a most exciting and excruciating way. She started to moan and instictively move her hips back and forth, as though Nick was already inside her. At the same moment, Nick placed the bottle of blood down on the table, leaned over her, covering her body with his and began to kiss the back of her neck. From there he moved downward, kissing and licking down her spine till he got to her ass. As he reached the two soft mounds of flesh, he cupped them in his hands and kneeded them as he would her breasts. Jocelyn moaned again, louder this time, and instinctively opened her legs for him even more. As Nick smelled the level of arousal in her blood, his mouth joined his hands on her ass and after a few well placed licks, he bit into the sensitive, aroused flesh, again lapping at her blood. Jocelyn cried out loudly, bucked forward onto the table, rubbing her nipples against it and came one more time. When she came, her body shuddered, causing her nipples to continue rubbing against the table and caused yet another orgasm to rip through her body. Each orgasm elicited another and then another. Soon she was too exhausted to even move. Her body was one tremendous, overstimulated nerve ending and her throat was nearly horse from screaming and moaning and grunting.

As each orgasm had overtaken her, Nick had moved from one buttock to the other, biting into it as well, then scrapping his fangs down along the backs of her thighs, opening long, thin welts on her flesh. Each time he tasted her blood, the more he wanted it. He could feel the thirst for it rise and quicken, drenching him in its' intensity. Each bite, each scrape became more voracious than the last. As each new droplet of blood dripped down her thighs, the more his cock swelled and grew, becoming harder and stiffer with each passing second. The insistent throbbing in his organ and in his fangs was becoming too much for him. He stood back up, leaving her thighs, and positioned himself at the entrance to her cunt. She felt him push the head of his penis between her lips and somehow found the strength to push her hips back towards it. "Oh yes, please!!!! Fuck me! Please! Now!" she screamed at him, nearly mad with lust.

In one smooth motion he rammed himself completely inside of her, pushing her violently against the table. She grunted, then screamed once more and came from the force of his impalement. Now, he picked up the bottle that he had placed on the table and tipping it in his hand, let the contents of it slowly drizzle down the length of Jocelyn's back. The liquid was cold and wet and when it hit her skin, Nick felt the smooth inner muscles of her pussy grip him tightly and throb against him. He bent over and began to lick the blood off her skin and when it was gone, he poured more of it onto her. This second time, he started to move in and out of her body as he licked at the blood. Slowly and smoothly at first, with long, deep strokes, taking his time to feel her massage the length of his shaft inside her. She groaned each time he slid deeper inside of her and her hips pushed back trying to urge him to move faster. He kept up this slow, steady rythym until the bottle was nearly half empty, then, when his need grew to be too much, he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts. Still more blood he poured on her back, his tongue lapping it up more and more greedily. His thrusts came faster now and soon he was pounding in and out of her dripping, nearly spasming pussy with almost vampiric strength. Each time he entered her, her body was slammed against the table, her nipples rubbed raw now. Again and again, he poured and licked blood and fucked her like a mad, wild beast. The friction caused by his organ stroking incesently against her wet, swollen opening was too much for Jocelyn and she started to orgasm in a long series of tremours and spasms. Her body couldn't stop, it jerked and thrashed unendingly and soon she was in tears.

As she came, Nick felt her around his cock, pulling and squeezing at him, nearly rending the orgasm right out of him. Suddenly Nick felt waves of bloodlust overwhelming him. He couldn't ignore it any longer. His fangs were searing, white-hot, pokers of excruciating pain now. Throwing the bottle aside, he wrapped one of his hands around Jocelyn's throat and quickly pulled her upright. Then moving his hand to her forehead, he jerked her head to the side to expose the long, taut column of her throat and continued to hammer himself inside her. Within seconds he felt his cock explode within her tightly clenching pussy, filling her with his blood and tore into her throat with his fangs. The vein in her neck burst instantly under the force of his bite and hot, thick, delicious blood poured down his throat. It was fire. It was ecstacy. He drank. And drank and drank and drank. Mouthful after glorious mouthful of fresh, vibrant blood. The elixir of all elixirs, human blood.

Then suddenly, from somewhere far, far away, he felt a hand on him, strong and insistent. It was Vachon. Somehow, he wasn't quite sure how, it brought him back to reality, to what was happening. It brought him out of the blood swoon in time for him to realize that Jocelyn's heart was slowing. He took a few final sips, then stopped, ripped his fangs from the wounds in her neck and gasped. After taking a moment to savour the taste of her blood and the feel of it coursing through his veins, he slipped his penis out of her body and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Then, carefully, he picked up the now unconcious Jocelyn and carried her over to the bed, laying her down and covering her body with the quilt. She slept peacefully and soundly as Nick turned to Vachon. He was stunned, speechless, not believing that it had actually worked. He had taken her and she was still alive. Granted, he had needed Vachon's intervention, but it was his first attempt in how many centuries? With practice, maybe... the possibilities were endless. He smiled, his blue eyes sparkling in the dim candlelight of the church.

"Shit Knight! I never knew you had it in you," he exclaimed, shaking his head at Nick, as he dressed.

"Had what in me? The ability to sip? Well you're the one that reminded me of that fact, remember?"

"No, not your ability to sip, your ability to fuck like that! I've never seen anything like it before. You had her in tears man!"

"I'm sorry, you think I was too rough on her? I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop myself."

"Too rough on her? Are you fucking crazy? Man, she was eating it up! I don't think there was anything you couldn't have done to her that she wouldn't have loved. I guess that's what attracted me to her in the first place," he smiled.

>From the bed Jocelyn began to moan and both vampires looked over at her as she awakened. They walked over to her side and Nick sat down on the bed. As he stroked her cheek and ran a finger across her lips she stirred and opened her eyes. She was very weak. Though Nick had not killed her, he had taken a large amount of blood from her and it would take her quite a while to recover. Slowly he turned her head to the side and looked at the twin holes in her neck. The were starting to heal nicely, though he was sure she would most probably always have scars there, along with the ones Vachon had left her with.

"So, I see I'm still alive," she said softly, smiling to herself.

"Yes, very much so," Nick answered, a look of relief and gratitude in his eyes. "Thank you Jocelyn. You'll never known the gift you've given me tonight." He bent down and kissed her softly and sensuously on the lips.

"You're welcome, my knight in shining armour." She laughed softly to herself, turned over and went back to sleep.

Nick got up off the bed and walked back towards Vachon. The two vampires looked at each other, without speaking. Nick placed his hand on Vachon's shoulder, then turned and left, ready to face the cool night air and his future.

The End

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