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None of the Forever Knight characters are mine, but I’m going to borrow a couple of them for the time being. This story is a continuation of my story ‘Practice’, where the first Dark Knightie offers her neck in the endeavor to help Nick learn to exercise some control over his vampiric side. LaCroix is instrumental in bringing this plan to fruition. Now, other Dark Knighties have volunteered, as well. More fluff, and some heavy breathing .......
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Talira Roberts brushed her silver-blonde hair away from her eyes and considered the envelope thoughtfully. The Toronto postmark meant that she had finally been contacted. ‘Well, it’s about time’, she thought, quickly tearing it open. Tucked inside was the invitation that had been described by others in the Dark Knightie loop. The front of the card was shiny black, lined with gold trim, with a gold emblem embossed in the center. Opening the card, she read the message inside:

…..… It is my sincere hope that you might be able to spend Friday, May 2nd with me in Toronto. I have a special event to attend, and I would like nothing more than to share it with you. If you cannot attend, please contact me at the number below. Otherwise, a ticket will be held for you at the airport for the 7:00 p.m. flight and I will look forward to seeing you soon.
- Nick Knight

Friday, May 2nd? It was already Thursday, May 1st! She checked the postmark again. It had been mailed more than two weeks ago. ‘Blasted postoffice’, she grumbled.

A low warning growl sounded in the room. Her cats, Cobalt and Pywacket were on her bed, and Cobalt was wiggling his rear end, preparing to pounce on the irritated older cat’s tail. "None of that, now", Talira scolded, scooping up the inky black kitten. "Behave, or Py will whack that little nose of yours". Pywacket shot a lofty gaze at her, then regally marched out of the bedroom.

She tossed her well-traveled suitcase on the floor, checked it for the standard necessities, and tossed in a royal blue pantsuit that was guaranteed not to crease. She added other items, such as some new lingerie and her favorite perfume, and then added a black cocktail dress that she had purchased a year ago. "Too bad that I don’t have time to buy something new", she groused, as Cobalt pounced on a belt that she was putting in the suitcase.

The doorbell to her house rang, and Pywacket yowled in answer. Cobalt shot out of the room, looking for fresh game. The bell chimed again, and was accompanied by two yowls, now. Talira hurried to answer it, knowing that her cats would gleefully keep up this game, every time the bell rang.

A delivery boy stood at the door with a large white package, wrapped in a purple bow. "Sign here", he instructed impatiently, but he refused the tip that Talira tried to give him. "It’s been taken care of", he protested, gingerly dancing out of the way of two sets of paws that were trying to capture his shoelaces. He dashed down the walk, and her cats ambled back inside, deprived of their prey. "I wonder what’s inside?" she asked.

Ripping the ribbon off, she discovered that the box held a beautiful silk dress, swirling in shades of blue and purple. She quickly undressed and slipped it over her head, delighting in the feel of the silk sliding over her skin. She examined her image in her bedroom mirror, loving the way that the daring cut of the dress, with its matching scarves draped lovingly over her curves. She turned around, and smiled at her mirrored self, as scarves on the back twirled away from her shoulders, and the hem of her dress swished around her knees. It was a dazzling confection of a dress, and the Parisian label confirmed that it was one that she would have never been able to afford. Further inside the box, she discovered matching shoes in her size, and a small box containing a stunning pair of amethyst earrings that matched the violet of her eyes. "Somebody did a lot of research on me", she informed Pywacket, who blinked sagely back at her. "I’ve got opportunity looking me straight in the face, and I’m going to grab for all the goodies I can get".

The next day went by in a frenzied blur, as she dealt with closing deadlines at the office, and arranged for her cats to be cared for by a close friend. Soon, she was boarding the plane for Toronto, and she settled down drowsily in her first class seat. After her dinner was served, she decided to get some sleep for the three hour flight, and abruptly fell asleep.

It seemed as though only minutes had passed before the flight attendant woke her, as the plane descended into the Lester B. Pearson International Airport. She still felt sleepy, and relished the cool night air on her face as she disembarked the plane.

As she walked into the lounge area, she looked around for Nick. Other people were pairing off with friends and relatives who had been awaiting their arrival, but she couldn’t see a sign of the tall, blond detective.

"Miss Roberts?", inquired a deep, smooth voice behind her. She turned and found herself face to face with a tall blond man. "I’m Lucien LaCroix", he continued, in velvet tones.

"Uh, yes", she stammered.

He held out his hand, and she gave him her hand to shake, but LaCroix turned and place her fingers over his arm, and started strolling towards the exit.

"My luggage", she protested.

"Is taken care of", LaCroix responded. "Nick was unable to get away from his rather pedestrian duties tonight", he explained, "And I was happy to volunteer for such a delightful duty".

"Thank you", she replied, still feeling a little off balance from LaCroix’s appearance. He steered her towards a waiting limousine, and gently helped her inside.

"You are even more beautiful than your picture", he complimented her, "but you do seem a little tired, if you don’t mind my saying so".

"No", Talira shook her head, "It has been a very busy week".

"Then I shall take you to your hotel", LaCroix insisted. "After all, tomorrow shall be very busy for you."

Talira soon found herself in an expensive hotel, safely ensconced in a small suite of rooms. "Rest now", LaCroix advised, "and Nick will arrive tomorrow at 6:30 in the evening". He left the room, softly closing the door behind him. Talira noted that the suite was quite elegant, and a large bouquet of pink roses was placed in the middle of the sitting room. A note attached to the floral arrangement was from Nick:

Welcome to Toronto! I hope that you take advantage
of one of the hotel tours of Toronto tomorrow during the day.
The nighttime, of course, is mine. I’m looking forward to seeing you at 6:30. Enjoy yourself.
- Nick

Something nagged at Talira’s mind as she settled in to sleep. ‘My picture?, where would he get my picture?’, she mused.

The next day, she awoke at 10:00, and found a tray with breakfast had been placed just outside her room. After dining on bagels with cream cheese and fresh fruit, she decided to take in one of the hotel’s tours of Toronto. She decided to take the tour to the Toronto Islands. When she pulled out her wallet to pay for the tour, she discovered that this, too, had been ‘taken care of’, and she set off to see the sights.

Talira noted the Victorian houses, sunned herself on a beach, and even joined in an informal game of volleyball. Mid-afternoon, she took a ferry and returned to the hotel to freshen up. Now that time was getting short, she was feeling more excited about seeing Nick.

She found a vase next to her bed, with a spectacular-looking orchid. The note attached said simply - ‘One rare bloom for another’, and Talira beamed as she considered the royal treatment that she had been receiving. Putting the finishing touches to her makeup, she smiled, "Not bad at all", she told her reflected image.

Nicholas was right on time, dressed in a tuxedo which made him look like a male model for the GQ magazine. He smiled as he looked her over approvingly. "This is definitely my lucky night", he said, as he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Talira blushed and felt very feminine as Nicholas wrapped her blue cape around her shoulders.

The event turned out to be a Patron of the Arts party held at the Art Gallery of Ontario. "How did you get invited to this event?", Talira asked.

"The De Brabant Foundation donated the money for a new wing of art", Nick answered. "It holds a collection of medieval art and tapestries".

Nick steered Talira towards the buffet table in the lobby. A wide variety of gourmet appetizers were displayed, and Talira ate a small selection. When she finished them, Nick lifted a chocolate-dipped strawberry from his plate, then dipped it into a glass of champagne. "Open up", he commanded, and Talira nibbled the strawberry dangling in front of her mouth, feeling the fizz of the champagne sparkle on her tongue. Nick fed her a few more strawberries, and when she slowly licked the last of the small feast off her lips, he whispered in her ear, "Any more of that, and we won’t make it to the exhibits".

Nick was a very good tour guide, pointing out the background stories behind some of the tapestries and paintings, which made the topic a lot more interesting than she had expected. It didn’t hurt that Nick had held her hand during the tour, and had lightly caressed her face and hair often.

At about 9:30, Nick stopped in front of a painting, then turned to Talira and took both her hands in his. "Talira, you must know that I feel very attracted to you. I know that you came here expecting to give me some of your blood, but would you consider staying with me all night?" His blue eyes were serious, and she felt that she could drown in their depths.

"I’d like to spend the entire night with you", she responded, "as long as you take me to bed for part of it".

Nick startled, then grinned widely, "You’re a woman after my own heart", then he paused and added, "Or maybe another portion of my anatomy". Laughing, he took her to his caddy, and directed the car into the night traffic. "I have a cabin in the Getaway Country of Ontario, and I’d like to take you there."
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Nick and LaCroix aren't mine, though I wish they were... Definitely adult stuff....
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The moon was bright, and the trees seemed to hover over the back roads as they drew nearer to his cabin. Nick had turned on the radio, and she heard the Nightcrawler address his audience.

"Beauty is such a transitory thing, dear listeners. That which is admired and held in high esteem one day is regarded as passť the next. Too often, the flower on the vine will wither away as soon as we attempt to possess it, crumbling and dying all too soon. Yet there is another kind of beauty that transcends this, that makes all other kinds of beauty seem like pointless shams, vain mockeries, shallow facades. That beauty is the beauty of a selfless gift, of the willing sacrifice of all that one is, to be consumed, utterly devoured by the happy recipient of such an act. Such a beauty, devout, all giving and all-encompassing, is deep, passionate and fulfilling. It is the purest beauty, the beauty of the soul".

LaCroix’s silken intonations of this monologue sent a shiver down Talira’s back. "Mind if I change the channel", she asked, then turned to a soft jazz music station.

Nick glanced at Talira and said, "He’s nothing, if not subtle". Talira chuckled. They talked about mutual hobbies, and Talira was delighted that she could feel so comfortable with Nick.

Soon, they were at Nick’s cabin, and Talira felt the coolness of the night encompass her. Nick turned on the cabin’s lights, and Talira noticed that the cabin was actually quite large, more like a small hunting lodge. There were several upstairs rooms, and the living room was bigger than the living room at her house. Nick took her cloak, then turned on a CD player. Celtic music echoed around the room.

"Something by Enya", he explained, "Celtic music just seems to speak to me".

Then he leaned forward and kissed her. It wasn’t a tentative kiss, but a kiss that spoke of a barely restrained desire, and Talira put her arms around his neck and returned it gladly. After a few minutes of this passionate pursuit, Nick broke off the kiss and looked at her intently.

"You go to my head", he stated. Then a change in the tempo quickened the music, and Nick smiled impishly. "Care to dance, milady?"

"I’m game", she answered.

He pulled her into his arms, then began swinging her around energetically. She barely avoided some of the living room furniture, and at the end of the song, she was laughing uncontrollably. He gave her a quick, happy kiss, then swooped her up into his arms.

"Let’s storm the castle", he shouted, then charged up the stairs to the second level. He paused in front of the door to the first room and kicked it open. Then he placed her back on her feet, as she giggled. A soft look stole over his face, and he brushed the back of his hand over the swell of her breasts. "You look like a little faerie in this dress, with your wings poised for flight."

"Little!", she remonstrated, "I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall!"

"You’re a wee faerie", Nick insisted, kissing her nose, "and I’ll have to hold you carefully, or you’ll just vanish". He kissed her mouth coaxingly, and slid the zipper of her dress down her back. The dress made a purple and blue pool at her feet. Her bra and panties followed quickly afterwards. Then Nick removed his tie, and looped it around her wrist. "Watch how I catch faeries", he murmured. She found herself pulled towards an unusual wooden bed, with tree branches lining the sides.

"First, I draw her into an enchanted glade", he soothed, as he drew her down. Looking up, she saw wide netting stretched over the bed. Nick knelt over her, eyes gleaming seductively. He reached upwards and snatched some of the netting in his hands. "Then I capture her in my net", he finished, yanking the netting down over her body.

She shrieked in mock fear, and he held down the netting over the top of her with his elbows, and lay across her legs, so she felt effectively captured.

"What’s this peeking through my net?", he asked, brushing the tops of her breasts, which were poking through open parts of the netting. "A treat, just for me", he answered himself, then he began licking her nipples and sucking on them gently. Talira squirmed in reaction.

Nick lavished attention on her breasts for a while, then languidly made his way downwards. He raised the netting to her waist, then spread her legs apart, and continued his courtly attention at the moist center of her desire. She shrieked as he laved her tantalizingly.

"Like opening the buds of a flower", he murmured, then continued his attentions until she climaxed and shivered in his arms. He raised a face filled with male satisfaction. Talira pushed the netting aside, then tugged Nick towards her. She rolled over on top of him and declared, "I’m going to cast my spell on you, too."

She unbuttoned his shirt and slid her hands over his lightly furred chest. Nick smiled his encouragement. Sitting astride his thighs, she pulled him up by his shirt lapels, then kissed him as she slid the shirt off him. She looked at him daringly, then shoved him back on the bed and leaned forward to kiss him on the stomach. Nick bucked gently in reaction, and narrowed his eyes.

She reached for his belt buckle, and loosened it quickly. Standing up, she grabbed hold of his pants at the cuffs, then she tugged strongly, and yanked them free. She flung them out on the floor. Then she snagged the elastic of his electric blue briefs and slowly pulled them down his legs, revealing his very aroused state. She snapped his briefs towards his pants.

She kneeled again, astride him, but leaned forward on her hands, near his face, and brushed her crotch slightly over his manhood. She did it again, tauntingly, and Nick reached up and brought her lips to his.

He slipped his tongue into her mouth and caught her hips with his hands. His tongue flicked hers, then his tongue pushed deeply into her mouth, just as he pulled her down over his stiff penis. She gasped in reaction, and he pulled her down harder as he surged into her all the way. She straightened and rotated her hips experimentally. Then she raised herself slowly and pushed down again, hard. Nick threw his head backwards into the pillow.

Talira rose and lowered herself, time and again, changing the pace from slow and gentle to fast and hard. Nick was gasping for air, and bucking under her. Talira felt her body begin to tighten, then suddenly Nick groaned and rolled, pulling her under him. She saw his eyes gleam golden above her and he pinned her hands to the pillow. Then his mouth opened, exposing his long canine teeth. An instant later, he lunged forward, biting through the skin of her neck. Talira moaned in reaction to the invasive pain, then waves of pleasure washed over her and her body convulsed as she climaxed. Nick stiffened and plunged into her, pounding her body with his, as he poured himself into her. She felt as though she had plunged over a cliff, and the world whirled dizzily around her.

She opened her eyes slowly, feeling as if she had just collapsed after running a marathon. Nick hovered over her, smiling boyishly back. "How long before we can do this again", he queried.

Talira chuckled and groaned. "You vampires must have all kinds of stamina", she countered, "Give me just a few minutes, O.K.?" He gave her exactly four.

A beeping sound awoke her later on. Nick kissed her cheek, then picked up his beeper. "I’ve got to call the station", he apologized. A few minutes later, he reappeared at the top of the stairs and began putting on some clothes that he pulled from a Victorian dresser.

"I’m sorry, Talira, but I have to go in. There’ve been a couple of homicides tonight, and they need all available personnel." He crossed the room to where Talira lay, and kissed her mouth passionately. "I have some vacation time coming up in a month and a half. Would you like to come to Switzerland with me?". He kissed her again. "Say yes, Talira; I won’t accept any other answer". Then he began covering her face with kisses. "Say yes, say yes, say yes."

"O.K., yes, yes", she responded, as she pushed him back gently. Nick caressed her face. "Finish sleeping; I’ll send someone to pick you up, so you can get to your plane in time. I’ll have them pick up your things from the hotel on the way." He kissed her again, very gently on her eyelids and lips. "You are a warm and loving woman, and I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for me".

Talira blushed, then she patted his front, where a bulge was apparent. "Just remember my place, until we meet again", she grinned.

"If I had more time, I’d teach you to be more respectful, woman", he grinned. He walked to the doorway, then turned and shook his head ruefully, then left.

When Talira awakened later, she realized that it was almost dawn. Someone would be by to pick her up soon. She dressed quickly in the dress she had worn the night before, and brushed her hair with a hairbrush she found on the dresser. She smiled at the rumpled bed, remembering several energetic couplings during the night.

Then she realized that she was smelling the aroma of coffee. She walked into the kitchen and discovered LaCroix, lounging casually against a kitchen wall, dressed in his bathrobe, and - as far as she could tell - little else. "Ah", he greeted her, "come and have a little something to drink for breakfast".

"How long have you been here?", she demanded to know.

"Since about ten, last night", LaCroix answered amusedly. "You’ve been here the whole time while we….while we….", Talira found herself stammering.

"I had to be, my dear", LaCroix explained, "just in case Nicholas was to forget himself. I wouldn’t want your death on my conscience", he added.

Talira found herself staring at him, still amazed by his unexpected appearance. LaCroix looked at her neck with concern.

"Let’s cover up those little marks on your neck", he continued. He opened a box on the table, and slid a blue and purple scarf from it. He draped it around her neck. "I have a pin to keep in secured", he murmured. He opened a smaller box and fastened the scarf in place.

"Thank you", Talira responded.

"You’re very welcome", he soothed, then bent over her left hand as if to plant a European kiss on the back of it. Without warning, he turned her hand and bit into it, holding it tightly to his mouth.
Talira gasped in shock, but couldn’t pull her hand back.

He pushed her back against a cabinet. The pressure of LaCroix’s mouth was startling, but a perverse thrill seemed to shoot through her body. Then LaCroix released her hand, caressing it softly, as if the last few moments had never happened. "I prefer my thanks in tangible forms", he smiled. He wiped her hand with a wet dishcloth, then wrapped her hand in an Ace bandage. She felt completely off balance, as if a lion at the zoo had reached out and casually mauled her.

"You’re welcome, my dear." He leaned towards her ear conspiratorially and then whispered, "If you’re up to more exotic thrills some evening, be sure to come and see me." Then he smiled again and began walking upstairs. He stopped before one of the other bedrooms, turned, and said, "I knew those colors would suit you", then he disappeared inside.

She heard a knock at the door then, and when she went to open it, the limousine driver was standing there. "I have your luggage from the hotel, ma’am", he stated, as he helped her into the car.
Talira felt slightly sore around her neck, and her hand was throbbing. She smiled at the thought of Nick and how they could spend their time in Switzerland, but she also determined that somehow she would find a way to get even with LaCroix. Then she glanced at the car’s mirror, and spotted the pin that LaCroix had fastened her scarf with. It was gold, with blue and purple stones outlining small wings, and two ruby eyes gleamed out of a small bat face.
The End
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