Subj:    DKFIC: The Best Revenge... Is Revenge (1/2)
Date:    97-04-28 21:17:02 EDT
From: (Izabela)

Hello fellow Dark Brothers and Sisters! I would like to thank everyone for all the great fiction that's been dropping onto the loop lately. It's been an absolute pleasure to read it. Trust me!!! <eg> It's even inspired me to complete this little tale that I've felt compelled to write for a while now.

This story takes place a very short time after Sons of Belial (perhaps a day or two later) and is a "missing scene" that I thought needed to be written.

Btw, the only disclaimer I'm putting on this story is that it has lots and lots of gratuitous blood and sex. But then again, what else would you expect from moi? <weg> I hope you all enjoy it.

One more thing... I give permission to archive and/or post this story.

The Best Revenge... Is Revenge
by Izabela Popowicz
Copyright 1997

"Nicholas? Well, what a welcome, though most unusual, surprise. I would have thought this the last place you would want to be after what happened so recently," LaCroix inquired after watching his wayward son walk into the doors of the Raven and past the many oblivious mortals and immortals in the darkened club.

"I need to talk to you LaCroix. In the back. Privately," Nick responded, looking very apprehensive and serious. The mood he was in puzzled LaCroix, yet he obliged Nicholas and lead the way to the back room of the club, away from prying ears and eyes, then waited for Nicholas to begin again.

"I had no intention of coming back, but, I've been thinking... and I feel I owe you some measure of gratitude for what you did for me LaCroix. So I came here tonight because I wanted to thank you for taking me to Vanderwal despite your extreme discomfort at the thought. If you hadn't... well, I don't even want to think about the possibilities of what might have happened to me," Nick stated slowly and with complete and utter sincerity.

Once again, it seems, it was LaCroix's turn to be surprised by his Nicholas. Stunned, in fact. Slowly he allowed the realization of what his son had just said to wash over him. It always filled him with such completeness and peace when Nicholas threw aside his animosity for his master and this time was no different. It made the entire annoying escapade almost worthwhile if it were to be the cause of a new closeness and forgiveness between he and his son.

LaCroix was about to respond to Nick's kindness, when suddenly, the door flew open and a beautiful, dark-haired, spirited, vampire entered and planted herself right before Nick. LaCroix could see her eyes were aflame with fury as she glared at Nick.

"There you are, Nick Knight! Or should I say Nicholas deBrabant? You swine!" she spat at him while letting loose a slap on his face that very nearly sent the poor, startled vampire flying.

Confusion covered Nick's face as his hand came up to rub away the stinging mark of the slap she'd just planted on him. He then looked over at LaCroix, who, knowing exactly who she was and guessing as to why she was here, smiled innocently, and wondered how his precious Nicholas was going to get himself out of this *situation*.

"I'm sorry, I don't know who you are or why you just slapped me," he said to the infuriated girl.

"You bastard! You don't even have the decency to remember me or what you did to me?" she replied, her voice incredulous and full of anger.

"No, I'm sorry, I don't," Nick stated, continuing to look back and forth between his master and the female vampire and wishing he could remember what exactly it was that he had done to her.

"Actually, to be perfectly correct, it's not what you did to me, it's what you didn't do to me. You were in here just a couple of nights ago and I asked you if you wanted a drink. You responded by kissing me and then we ended up back here in this room. Any of this coming back to you Mr. deBrabant?" she said, explaining to Nick what had begun to happen here the other night.

"A couple of nights ago? That's impossible...," Nick began, then slowly, realization dawned on him and suddenly he remembered every agonizing detail of that night in the Raven and what *almost* happened between he and the other vampire.

"Oh no! Now I really am sorry! I didn't mean for what happened to happen. It's just... I wasn't what you would call in my right mind," Nick began apologizing.

"Oh, so now you remember! Well that's good, because it would be awfully difficult for me to do what I came here to do if you didn't remember," she said, threateningly.

"And what is that?" Nick asked, not really wanting to know the answer. He looked away from the raven-haired girl, back to LaCroix with a look that for once, begged for some form of interference from his usually meddlesome master. But LaCroix would have none of it. He just looked at the two vampires, amusing himself quite adequately with their antics. Somehow he just knew the best was yet to come.

"Revenge. That's what I came here for. Revenge. You left me high and dry, ok, maybe not dry, the other night and I don't take that shit from anyone. I don't care how old you are or who your daddy is," she said, momentarily glancing over at LaCroix, then returning to look at Nick. "Got it? I'm here to collect what you owe me," she said, moving slowing toward Nick, eventually backing him up against one of the walls of the back room.

"And what's that? What do you want from me?" he asked nervously, trying to avoid her approach.

"Oh, that's simple. I want you to finish what you started the other night. I want you to fuck me," she said with steel determination.

He stared at her incredulously, not wanting to believe what he was hearing. In the distance he could hear LaCroix smirking to himself and enjoying the performance much more than he should have been.

"LaCroix. LaCroix! Do something!" Nick begged.

"Do something? What is it you suggest that I *do*?" LaCroix asked, smiling.

"Stop her," Nick said, his voice becoming ever more pleading.

"Oh no, Nicholas. I would never presume to interfere in your *affairs*," he said, no longer being able to hide his ever increasing pleasure at the scene before him.

"I'm sorry Nicholas, I just can't help you. I'm afraid you'll have to work this one out on your own," he continued. He then gave his head a slight shake and walked out of the room, patting Nick on the shoulder on the way out and leaving Nick and the female vampire alone in the room. Together.

As soon as she heard the door close behind them she leaned in toward Nick, pinning him up against the wall behind them and laying her hands on his broad, muscular chest.

"Now that we're alone, maybe I should take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Eva. A fact you would be well aware of if the other night hadn't come to such an abrupt halt," she said, her voice dripping with accusation.

"I'm sorry about that. Really. It's not usually like me to behave like that. As I tried to tell you, there were *extenuating circumstances*," Nick countered, desperately.

"Yes, I know. I've asked around about you. You're quite the enigma among the community. No one knows quite what to make of you," she responded, eyeing him curiously for a moment, then coming back to the matter at hand. "But that's not my concern. I couldn't care less about that right now. All I care about is that you owe me one hell of a ride Nick Knight," she stated, her voice taking on quite an edge to it by the end of the statement.

With that comment, she clutched the thick, woolen lapels of Nick's long, black coat and forced the heavy garment down, off his shoulders, letting it fall to the ground where they stood.

"Please don't do this," Nick warned, already beginning to feel his body respond to the closeness of her. He realized her words and actions were starting to reawaken something in him that he had tried to keep dormant for a long time, but with the pressure of her body against his and the scent of her blood so strong and intoxicating, he felt it rising to the surface and threatening to unleash itself on the both of them.

"And why shouldn't I? Why should I leave you, unsatisfied and unfulfilled? Don't you think once was enough for me to endure?" she questioned rhetorically. "No, I want you too badly for that. More than I even wanted you that night," her eyes blazing golden in confirmation of that fact.

Then, without warning, her hands slipped up to the top of his shirt and with nails poised, ripped back down the length of him, tearing the shirt to shreds along with the cold, pale skin beneath it. Nick gasped as he felt the hot sting of her scratches and the thick wetness of his blood running down his chest leaving trails of crimson for her to attend to. His eyes shut tightly against the sensation as she slowly and languidly traced her tongue along those blazing red trails of blood, licking them clean and causing his penis to stir inside his pants. His hands clenched tightly into fists while he strained to keep control over the vampire that was straining equally as hard to be released and satisfied of it's hunger.

As her tongue continued upward and settled on his long, sensually, tempting throat, she could hear Nick's moans intensify and deepen until they sounded as though they were coming from the very core of his being.

Nick was trying to fight her with every bit of resolve there was stored up in him. He thought of Natalie, of his recent struggle against the demon, and mostly, of his determination to become mortal. Then, suddenly, it was gone. All of it. The thoughts were lost from his mind, his consciousness concentrating only on how badly he needed to feed on her, to fuck her, to completely consume her, body and soul. It had been so long since he had been with another of his kind. Not since Janette. But now it was happening and he knew, without a doubt, that in the next instant his resolve would snap and the vampire would take control. All it would take would be...

The Best Revenge... Is Revenge (2/2)
by Izabela Popowicz

And then it happened. The pain was exquisite! Beyond what he remembered. Even the lightest scalping of her fangs caused him to harden instantly and when she plunged them deeply into his neck and began to feed on the blood that poured forth from the vein, he very nearly orgasmed. He knew there was no turning back now. He knew the beast would be satisfied.

When she stopped feeding, her golden eyes looked up into his face and it was difficult to tell who got to who's mouth first. They kissed hungrily and passionately, tongues probing and exploring, lips slick with the small amount of Nick's blood that remained on Eva's mouth. He tasted himself on her and his need, his hunger, grew voracious. His mouth pressed harder on hers, his kisses nearly swallowing her, as his hands reached behind her and quickly came to rest on her ass. They squeezed the small, tight cheeks repeatedly, crushing her mound against his now fully erect cock.

When the kiss was broken and Nick looked back up into Eva's eyes, she saw that he was now fully and completely aroused in *every* way. She had felt the pressure of his erection as they kissed and now she saw the hunger in his wild, golden eyes and the fully extended fangs that only hinted at the pleasure they would bring once embedded in her.

"Is this what you want?" he asked, watching her breaths quicken after his mouth released her.

She started to answer him but he interrupted her thoughts by sliding his hands up along the side of her body till he came to the low, rounded neck of her blouse. Then, focusing his attention to where his hands were, he tore open the blouse, sending the small, delicate buttons that had held it together only seconds ago, crashing to the ground, along with the blouse itself.

Eva smiled slowly and with obvious approval for what Nick had just done, while his hands now moved to cup her still-encased breasts. This time, however, his fiercely golden eyes locked onto hers and when his fingertips grasped the edges of her black, lace bra and ripped it free from her body, he never allowed his gaze to wander. The intensity and heat in that gaze caused Eva to shudder visibly. In fact, the magnitude of the lust on his face and in his eyes made her wetter and more self-conscious than she had ever been in her existence, even as a mortal. The power of his desire was overwhelming.

"You didn't answer me," he said demandingly. "Is this what you want?" he repeated, his fingers now playing slowly and lightly across her nipples. He bent his head down for another deep, probing kiss, then quickly released her mouth. "Tell me. Is it?"

She hated being teased like this but at the same time, she couldn't answer him. Her mind swam with the taste of his blood and her body was on fire from her desire for him. Oh, she tried to tell him, tried to get the words out, but every time she came close, the only sound she could muster was a small, desperate whimper. His fingers were playing with her flesh as they did the keys on his piano and her fangs still ached terribly for more of his blood.

"Hmmm, where is that feistiness that I saw displayed before me earlier? I dare to say that something extraordinary must have captured that devilish tongue of yours. Or perhaps this is your way of telling me to stop? Maybe this is not what you had in mind?" he asked, looking back down at her soft, smooth, pale breasts and the now exquisitely hardened nipples. "Or aren't you enjoying what I'm doing to you?" his teasings now becoming more of a challenge to her.

In her rapture Eva could not see how much the vampire Nicholas was enjoying the state he had managed to put her in. But Nick could clearly tell how aroused she had become and as she became wetter, he could smell the blood running down her thighs. The scent of it was enraging his bloodlust and he wondered how he had ever managed to deny the thirst for as long as he had. Now it was time for the beast to indulge in that thirst and feel the essence of it flowing thought its' starved veins.

Those veins that now called to him so incessantly, as well as other long-neglected parts of his body. His cock strained tightly against his trousers, but before he could release it, Eva had decided to answer his challenge and he now felt her arms wrap around his neck and pull his mouth to hers, yet again. She kissed him ardently and he returned it with as much force, if not more, then continued traveling downward, his tongue flicking out to lick at the blood-sweat forming on the surface of her skin. Her head tilted back, exposing her neck, but Nick only paused at the vein there for a mere second before continuing onward. Though he'd found it extraordinarily tempting to stay in that spot and feed, he had other thoughts in mind. He wanted to prolong the hunger, let it build to its utmost severity before finally plunging his fangs into her sweet neck and satisfying himself. Until then, he would assuage himself with small, unsatisfying tastes of her, so downward his kisses strayed, ignoring the enticing fount that lay beneath the surface of her throat.

Instead he decided to taste of her blood from a slightly less explosive source. That source being her deliciously, plump breasts. When his kisses reached one of those breasts, he licked at the pink, stiffened nipple, rolling it back and forth with his tongue and scraping at it with his teeth, listening to her moans grow louder and more desperate. Then, with an anticipatory growl, he positioned each of his fangs on either side of her nipple and bit into the breast as deeply as he could. The blood there did not gush forth as from a vein or an artery, but rather had to be drawn out by the sheer force of Nick's feeding. And draw it out he did, pulling and sucking on it, slowing feeling the blood ooze out from the small punctures he'd just made. The taste of it was so sweet in his mouth, yet it did not satisfy him. Not nearly. Nick knew it would take much more before the vampire had fed enough to subdue it's reawakened hunger.

As he fed on those small drops of red ecstasy, Eva's moans became passionate, intense cries and Nick felt her fingers entwine themselves in the soft, golden curls of his hair. When he'd finished, Nick removed his twin canines from either side of her nipple and repeated the entire procedure on the other breast, sucking at the bloodied nipple there just as eagerly as he had the first one.

As his mouth worked arduously on its' task, his hands traveled down to the waist of her skirt to work on its' zipper and finish the undressing he had started earlier. He found out, once the skirt dropped to the floor, that she wore no underwear, only the black silk stockings that encased her long, slender legs and the garter which held them in place. His skilled fingers went immediately to that soft, wet place between her legs and began slowly stroking her clitoris. The slipperiness of the rich, red liquid that dripped from her opening made his fingers slide easily inside and when he pulled them back out to lick the nectar off his fingers, his eyes changed once again, this time to a deep, monstrously thirsty shade of red.

Before she knew it, Eva was being lifted up off the ground with the ease and grace that only a vampire as old and powerful as Nick could manage. He held her there, in mid-air, letting her legs rest on his shoulders and quickly began to feed on the bounty which her pussy was providing for him. He licked and sucked at the swollen, delicate lips and stroked her clit with his tongue until, finally, he tasted her orgasm in the blood.

When her body had calmed itself and the contractions within her had ceased, Nick let her go and she slid down the length of his form to the floor beneath. His eyes now turned back to their previous shade of gold while he took a moment to lick the last of her essence off his lips and fangs.

Eva scanned along the hard lines and muscles of his body as her hands began to caress his thighs and move upward to meet with her eyes at the point of his groin. She noticed that his arousal was now so acute that the outline of the rigid organ in his pants was clearly visible to her, even without her extraordinary vision.

"Hmmm, that looks positively painful Nick," she finally spoke, shaking her head slightly and tapping her lower lip with her index finger. "Oh sorry, would you prefer I call you Nicholas? You know, you never did tell me which one it was you preferred," she said, looking back up into Nick's telling gaze.

"I'd prefer it if you called me Nicholas."

"Alright, then Nicholas it is," she confirmed. "So, Nicholas, would you like me to release you from your prison?" she asked, now having dropped her hands again, to teasingly play with the zipper on his burgeoning pants.

"If you don't, then I'll be forced to because, yes, you are quite right, this is becoming awfully uncomfortable."

"Then by all means, allow me to take away your discomfort," she offered, the metallic sound of the zipper descending already filling the room.

A slow smile formed on Nick's generous lips, causing his fangs to flash menacingly and his eyes hooded when he felt his pants drop to the floor and Eva's hand reach in and wrap itself around the enormously engorged penis.

"Oh yes, I'm sure you've never had a problem enticing young mortal ladies with this monstrous thing at your disposal," she teased wickedly.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it almost made the game of seduction too easy for my tastes," he countered.

"I can only imagine."

With that, she lowered herself to her knees and began to insinuate his stiffened member into her mouth. Nick snarled with the first contact her lips made with the throbbing, purple head of his organ. The snarls were low and controlled at first but as her tongue ran sensuously along the many rivers of veins tucked, not so safely, beneath the surface, his snarls grew loud and bestial. Then the scent of the blood that was so concentrated in those thick, pulsing veins grew too much for her and long, sharp fangs selected the nearest and largest of those veins to embed themselves into.

As her teeth drove through his cock, Nick growled like a ferocious, insane beast. The wound bled fast and furiously, flooding Eva's throat, just as she'd hoped it would and the harder she sucked at the viscous fluid, the tenser and more strained Nick's body became. Soon blood began to spew forth from the small opening in his glans and splatter onto Eva's face and chest, dripping down between her breasts, as he reached a torturously sweet orgasm.

But before Eva could clean up the nasty mess she had caused Nick to make, he'd swept her up in his arms, carried her over to one of the benches in the room and dropped her, quite violently, onto the surface of it. She tried to rise up but the instant she did, Nick pinned her back down to the bench, his vampiric strength making it impossible for her to overpower him.

The savageness glowing in his eyes frightened her suddenly. It was the exact same look he had gotten on his face before wrapping his fingers around her throat and attempting to strangle the life out of her the other night. Now her mind reeled with the thought that this might be a repeat performance and not the passionate night of love making she felt she deserved. Each time she struggled against his grip it became less yielding and his hands soon felt like shackles around her wrists.

"Let me go!" she hissed through her fangs.

"Oh no, you wanted this, now *I* will be the one that decides when we are finished," he answered back, refusing to let her go and, in fact, increasing the pressure with which he was holding her with. His face adopted a glow to it. A radiance that vibrated with the power and hunger that surged through his body. He realized that it felt good to be the master of his own nature once again and to be free of his mortal chains, his mortal guilt.

"I didn't come here to relive what happened the other night. I came here to make you give me what you promised me would be mine the first time you kissed me."

"And what makes you think I won't?" he asked teasingly,

"But...," she hesitated, confusion covering her face. "I thought you weren't going to..."

"Oh, but I am," he interrupted, tracing one long finger along the curve of her jawline and down the path of her smooth, elegant neck. "I have every intention of fucking you and taking every last unliving drop of blood you have coarsing through those incredibly seductive veins of yours. That is what you want to hear, isn't it?"

"Oh yes Nicholas," she whispered, realizing that she had mistaken the intent of his look and now relished the potently erotic words he was saying to her.

Nick climbed onto the bench, parting Eva's legs and positioning his body between them, supporting his entire weight on his arms. Then he brought his mouth to her again and began to kiss her, first his lips being deceptively soft and gentle, then increasing in roughness, his tongue invading her mouth, capturing her tongue in his mouth and then turning violent. His fangs sliced through the tender flesh of her gums and lips and he felt them burn and itch for her blood. Despite the assault on her mouth, he could, nonetheless, distinctly hear low, lusty moans escape her and the familiar predatorial growl of the vampire.

The moment Eva felt the long, thick length of Nick's erection against her, her thighs opened to him and her hips raised just slightly off the surface of the bench in an effort to receive him. As soon as Nick felt her legs open, his hardness automatically fell between them and instinctively sought out the hot, enveloping caress of her opening. His fervor for her body and soul scorched through his insides and his thirst for blood had reached a keen, sharpness that cut through to the very core of him. He could wait no longer. His muscles tightened and knotted beneath his skin as he very, very slowly inserted his hard, throbbing penis inside her. As he inched deeper and deeper towards her centre, the blood at her entrance welled up around his shaft, making her walls slick and inviting to him. He slid in and out of her easily, though as he increased the speed of his thrusts, the friction caused, rose to an almost unbearable intensity. Their bodies surged and heaved together, moving in the same steady rhythm, each vampire instinctively sensing the other's pulse.

The air in the room grew thick and heady with the scent of blood, flooding his senses and causing him to pound into her body with a force that now approached violence. But no matter how furiously he moved, with how much intensity he fucked her, she only cried out for more. Her feral groans echoed in his ears with each of his thrusts and her hips now rose high up off the bench to meet with his. The brutal wildness with which their bodies slammed together stoked Nick's bloodlust to it's breaking point.

He felt his impending orgasm rush towards him and readied his fangs for the onslaught of it. When it finally came, he pierced the warm, luscious vein in her neck not once, but three times, each time, his teeth embedding themselves deeper into the soft flesh. The last time, he took a hold of her and did not let go. The burning satisfaction of feeding swept over him and soon Nick was lost in a tumultuous rush of passion and frenzy. Eva's warm, rich blood burned within him as brightly as the sun ever could. The fire of it flooded his veins and poured down his throat, while every feeling and thought trapped in her body did the same to his mind. He feasted on her soul as deeply as he feasted on the light of her blood, gorging himself on what he had been missing for so long.

Then, without warning, he felt the sharpness of her fangs penetrate his neck and sensed the completion of the circle of their blood as it flowed back and forth through each other. The intensity and intimacy of the experience was exquisite and nourishing. He felt as though nothing would make him happier than to lie here and feed from her and have her feed from him for all of eternity. But as their twin orgasms began to subside, Nick reluctantly withdrew his fangs from her throat and savoured the last few remaining drops of blood as they dripped off his canines and onto his sweet, soft lips. Then bending his head down, once again, he kissed Eva. This time with a sweetness and ardour that never for a moment betrayed the ferocious beast that had possessed and consumed her only moments ago. Feeling complete and satied, each fell into the other's arms, their bodies melding together as their souls had and for once, Nick felt a peace he never had before.

Revenge... oh how sweet it had been.

The End.