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Date:    97-03-31 08:20:01 EST
From:    Roandshan
To:    Knightwave

April -
The excerpt from my novelette "Brother Nick" is the one I posted which I call "Smoke & Mirrors" - If the question "am I thru with it?" applies to the excerpt, then, yes, here it is (see below) If the question was "am I done with "Brother Nick" the novelette, NO I'm not! (whew! its gonna take a few more months - it'll be long!) I'll chat with you later! Take care! Keep up the great work!
Ro Hart

Here's an exerpt from a story("Brpther Nick") I'm working on. It's rather adult, but not too. Comments, etc. are welcome. Flames are not. Disclaimers apply.
Ro Hart ( copyright March 1997
"Smoke & Mirrors" - exc.from "Brother Nick"
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nick headed for the fridge, almost by habit, and opened it. Inside were a few green bottles. He almost reached for one, but he sensed someone coming and shut the door.

It was Chara. She entered from the green-tunnel pathway which led to the arboretum. All the private quarters must have access to that area, he mused.

"Nicholas," she called softly. She was wearing a blue mid-length gown and a shorter shimmery silver sheath underneath it. Her feet were bare. Her long, dark hair was worn loose, framing her face. "May I come in?" she asked.

He nodded. "Good evening," he replied. "Would you like anything?"

She shook her head. "No, thank you." She moved to sit on the sofa. "Maybe later?"

He shrugged and nodded in answer to her question. Nick sat at the other end of the sofa, turning to face her. Slowly, he became aware of an unusual scent. As he focused his vampiric senses on it, he realized It came from her. It was in her blood, her body. He caught himself staring intensely at her, and shook himself, mentally. Embarrased, he looked away, regaining his composure.

"I..uh, looked up some things on the computer," he began. "About you, about what we discussed yesterday."

Chara nodded, encouraging him to continue.

"I got the feeling you told me just enough, but there were a few...angles missing."

She smiled at him, "Angles? As in "slight-of-hand"? Not seeing the whole picture? Are you comparing my brevity with mirror tricks? I assure you I've told you all I can. Your access to our computer records is proof of that."

Nick smiled lightly, testing her, "Ah, but how do I know its not all "smoke and mirrors? We've just met - I hardly even know you."

"True. You don't," she agreed, teasingly. "That's where the trust factor comes in." While she spoke, the scent of her blood began to distract him again. Nick realized that she was now within arms' reach. He could feel the Hunger begin to take him.

Her voice took on a softer tone, more subtle. "You're hungry, aren't you?"

"Yes," he whispered, turning his face away before the golden glow in his eyes became too apparent. He caught her scent in the air again. It was like honeysuckle. Like sandalwood. Subtle. It was stronger, now that she stood so close. It hit him hard. He felt his fangs descend once more. The Hunger...and more. "You'd better go before I lose myself," he growled, standing. He moved away from her, heading for the bedroom.

She followed him. She didn't back away. "There's cow-blood in the fridge," she said, almost mockingly.

He nearly flinched. "No thanks," said Nick tightly, still looking away. "I ... think you'd better go. I guess I'm tired and I'm not too sure how much control I have left." He turned back to face her. "I have no wish to harm you."

She stood her ground. He wasn't the first of his kind she'd ever dealt with. He was certainly the most controlled vampire she'd ever met, though. She had to see how far his control went. If he was going to break and kill, it had better be now rather than later.

"You won't harm me, Nicholas," she said softly. "You can't."

Nick realized they were now sitting on the bed. He moved to turn away, but she reached out a hand to turn his face back to hers.

Nick could smell the scent of her blood. It was subtle, but deeper than just a smell. It would taste of flowers, of rare spices and exotic fruit. Her blood, the sound of her heart beating so close to him. His control was evaporating..

"What are you?" he rasped, his eyes green with passion and his fangs so close to her soft skin.

"Something different," she smiled.. "Your perfect match." She stepped closer and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Your salvation," She leaned forward and brushed his lips with hers.

He pulled her into his arms and crushed her mouth to his, kissing, tasting, getting light-headed with the scent of her blood. Her warm, rich blood, so near ... so near ... His fangs lightly scraped her lip, and he tasted her blood, just a few drops, but they went to his head like wine. His kiss grew deeper, more insistent.

His hands roamed over her body as he heard her heartbeat speed up. Now he broke the kiss and quickly, softly, covered her face and mouth and neck with feather-light kisses.

She'd closed her eyes in ecstacy. He growled deeply in his throat and licked her neck. She turned in his embrace and lay back against his chest, seeming to know how he liked to feed. He continued lavishing attention on her neck while his hands roamed her body and caressed her breasts.

She moaned a little and tilted her head back and to one side. Nick needed no other invitation. The beast within him broke free. With a snarl, he raised his head and quickly plunged his fangs into her neck to feed.

She felt the fangs pierce her skin like twin needles, red-hot. Then he began to drink. It was like being siphoned and she felt with each sip, her body becoming weaker and more lethargic. Soon she felt drowsy and a little light-headed. But the pleasure she sensed from him and the images flashing in her head held her body totally still as if his fangs had penetrated her very soul. She saw Nicholas, engaged in endless acts of passion and blood throughout the centuries - one after another until it seemed one long, endless night.

For Nick, the blood tasted as incredible as her scent. It was honeyed wine -- thick elixir. It was the most potent mouthful he'd ever consumed. Not since his first feeding from LaCroix that night in 1228 had the blood tasted so rich. It made his head swim and his whole body warm with life, with blood, with passion. He took in another mouthful. And another. It was liquid fire and he felt his body stiffen with a rush of desire. One more slow sip, and he was replete. Satiated. But though the vampire was fed, Nick's body craved more. He licked her neck wounds clean, tenderly. He pulled back and turned her to face him.. He knew she was still alive. He could still hear her heartbeat. It was slower, but still strong.

She slowly opened her eyes. They were heavy-lidded with passion. She wasn't unconscious as most of his victims were after so large a feeding. "I'm fine," she whispered. A sly look came over her and she whispered, "Now it's my turn."

She slid her hands into his shirt and caressed his chest. She kissed him deeply, and while she did, he helped her as they unclothed one another.

He picked her up and moved to the bedroom, vampire quick.

She lay back on the bed and pulled him down. He felt her beneath him, moving her hips and pushing hard against his stiffened member. He bent his head and kissed her, starting at her throat and moving down her body. When he licked her breasts, she arched her hips and guided him into her. She was warm and ready.

They made love slowly and passionately, taking time to share with each other. When she came with a series of orgasms which went on and on, Nick felt himself nearing his climax and lowered his mouth to hers. She kissed him deeply. His fangs were still extended, and she rubbed her tongue against them, cutting the skin. His mouth filled with her blood. That pushed him over the edge and they both fell into ecstacy-filled oblivion.

It seemed an eternity when they quieted. He lay next to her and covered her with a sheet to warm her. He didn't feel cold. He felt completely warm and totally satiated. He hadn't felt so at peace in a long time. The vampire was quiescent and his body felt leaden.

She turned on her side and looked deeply into his eyes. "See? I told you I wouldn't be harmed." She was smiling, her eyes deep green and seductive.

Nick ran a finger over her lips. "I see. How?" He studied her. "What are you, that you can do this for me?" He grinned and ran a hand through her hair. "Besides beautiful and captivating, I mean."

"Flatterer!" she grinned back at him. She kissed him again and whispered, "Your salvation. Your answer."

Kissing her lightly over her lips and face, he murmured, "Answer to what?"

"Your moral/mortal dilemma," she smiled. He pulled back to look at her. "You need the blood to live, you need to feed, but you no longer need to kill. Starvation and deprivation drove you to nearly killing yourself and those you loved. Now you see, there is another way."

Nick felt the golden fire of her blood inside himself, the warm rush of happiness and satisfaction. He remembered feeling this way before, long ago. Before his guilt had driven him mad - driven him to try substitutes and stop-gap measures. Nothing ever gave him the power and peace that he felt now. He was filled with blood freely given and warm with passions spent.

She looked into his eyes and saw the contentment there. "Finally!" she thought to herself, and curled in his arms again.