Subj:    DKFIC - Storm Warning - 1/1
Date:    97-02-13 17:08:44 EST

This is fourth in the "Storm" series - you may want to read the others first, if you haven't done so already. Standard disclaimers apply - the character of Morgaine, however, does belong to me, so ask before you use her.

Storm Warning 1/1
Amber Murray copyright 1997

It was absurdly easy for one of his talents to break into Natalie Lambert's apartment. He didn't even need to damage the window lock. He merely hypnotized the building superintendent into letting him inside. He settled himself in a corner of the sofa, facing the door.
An insistent warmth brushed against his ankles. Amused, Lacroix allowed the feline to climb into his lap and stroked the silky fur. He had always fancied cats; discriminating creatures, all. So much more so than dogs.
The scrape of a key in a lock caught his ear, and he looked expectantly toward the entrance. Natalie walked in, and, not seeing him at first, hurled her bag and keys to the side table. The violent motion upset the picture arrangement that rested there.
"You really should be more careful, Dr. Lambert. It would be a shame to damage such - charming- surroundings."
Natalie froze in the process of righting the frames, turning slowly to face him. He could hear the sudden thunder of her heartbeat. This night might be more fun than he had anticipated.
An hour later, Nick knocked tentatively at the door to Natalie's apartment. She opened it quickly, smiling at seeing him there.
"Hey - come on in," she chirped, moving aside so he could enter. He did so, slowly, searching her face for any sign on distress. He found none.
"Thanks for coming over," she began, waving him into a chair. "I've got some things to say that you may not want to hear." When he did not respond, she continued.
"Nick, we've been working on bringing you across for six years now. Can you honestly say we're any closer than we were at the beginning?"
"No, I can't. I mean, there have been a few changes, but - no, we're really no closer."
Nat sighed. "Every doctor needs to know when to call it, Nick. I'm calling it now. If there is a cure, I'm not the one to find it." She scooted to the edge of her seat, and took his hand. "I'm sorry."
Nick squeezed her hand, the old camaraderie that had long since foundered surfacing again. "It's ok, Nat, truly. This is for the best. Now that I know - well, I'll have to learn to come to grips with the Beast now. I'll have to learn to live with it." He raised her hand to his lips. "Friends?"
"Natalie smiled brilliantly. "Always, Nick. The best of."
He took his leave of her at the door, kissing her on the forehead. He felt a twinge of guilt over the methods he had used to gain this ending, but she seemed so happy, so at peace.
Lacroix watched his son from an alcove across the street, studying as Nick started the caddy and drove away. He inhaled deeply of the single perfect rose he held, then set out towards Natalie's building.
This could be most rewarding, indeed.
Nicholas punched the button on his garage door opener, pulling the Cadillac inside. He took the lift upstairs, pulling off his sunglasses as he opened the door.
A fire blazed in the hearth, its hissing muted by the music that poured from the stereo. Morgaine rose from her seat on the sofa, a goblet in each hand. She wore a silk gown, a column of silver flowing over her skin to the floor.
She stopped when she stood close enough for her breath to brush the skin of his neck and handed him a glass. She had warmed the blood to body temperature.
"I'm glad you're home," she stated simply. "I missed you."
That simple, honest statement shook Nicholas to his core. He had missed her, too...hadn't been able to stop thinking about her.
"What are we going to do about this, about us?" he asked. He wanted to know, needed to hear her say the words.
"I'd like us to continue. I'd like to see where these feelings take us," she whispered.
Words failed him, his voice refusing to rise past his suddenly constricted throat. Pulling her into his arms, he answered her in the only way he had left.
The blood had long since gone cold by the time he remembered it.
Morgaine stretched sinuously against Nick's body, smooth legs twining with his rougher ones. She toyed with his chest, and he captured her hand, bringing it to his lips, eyes still closed.
"Nicholas?" she whispered in his ear.
"We can't spend eternity in this bed."
Nick smiled without opening his eyes, pausing to suck gently on her index finger. He bit the tip softly.
"You're absolutely right," he agreed, raising his eyelids and rolling over on top of her. She clasped his hips between her knees. "There's the shower, and the sofa, and the table..." He slipped into her, pressing deeply enough to make her gasp. "the staircase, the rooftop..."
"Shut up, Nick," she growled, sinking her teeth into his neck as she clamped her legs around his waist, cutting off any reply he might have made.

Are you awake now? <g>